Hannah Haddix — Ayahuasca Ritual

[First Person] An Ayahuasca Ritual With Mom by Hannah Haddix Feb 16, 2017 2:58pm Last night we had another ceremony beginning at 9pm and I haven’t slept since. ((It ended up being over 24 hours until I could muster the ability to slip into sleep realms.)) This time it was Dionisio’s lovely wife, Aubrey, conducting the ceremony. Aubrey created a […]

Jenny Bombshell on Reviewer TV

[Members Content] BBW Jenni Bombshell That time Reviewer TV talked to Big Hot Bombshell Jenni Reviewer Rob Check it out, sportsfans. I found this archive video of Jenni Bombshell from 2007 or so. It’s an interesting sociological study in body acceptance, and all that. Plus she’s such a cutie… Around ten years ago back in the mid-aughts ginormous obese women […]