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BBW Jenni Bombshell

That time Reviewer TV talked to Big Hot Bombshell Jenni

Reviewer Rob

Check it out, sportsfans. I found this archive video of Jenni Bombshell from 2007 or so. It’s an interesting sociological study in body acceptance, and all that. Plus she’s such a cutie…

Around ten years ago back in the mid-aughts ginormous obese women where a thing on the interwebs. I assume there still are whole genres of adult entertainment devoted to them and message boards and chatrooms filled with their admirers paying millions of dollars collectively to be members on websites where these models interact.

Jenny Bombshell was one such “Big Beautiful Woman” (“BBW” in the the adult industry lingo). I got to know her a year before this when she was an apartment manager in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and I needed a new place to live. A condo conversion sale of my rental’s complex was forcing me to move and time was running out. Jenny took my application to the owner who rented to me a nice 2-bedroom apartment with an ocean view.

She was a unique and unique charming and incredibly FAT woman (I think she might’ve tipped the scales at 500 pounds!). I later found out Jenni was internet famous in the world of adult entertainment BBWs. But she was also at the same time living a life of normalcy outside of the word of fat girl fetish, and she never mingled the two — until this interview for Reviewer TV. The file details have August 21 2007 as the earliest available date for it so that sounds about right.

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Jenny Bombshell
Jenny Bombshell

Ashley shoots a solo video

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pixie Ashley performing after work in private

Members click the pic below for the video...
Members click the pic below for the video…

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by Bob Yunger

Here’s the video of pixie girl Ashley going at it with herself on my bed, shot sometime around 2008 or 2009.

At about 1:09 she turns her head toward the camera suddenly because the cameraman (me) had a boner under his shorts and it accidentally thwacked against her left foot that she had sticking out off the side of the bed during a casual move around her for another angle that shot down her body from her head.

The idea was to get her to “squirt” but she said it was hard to do without “help.” Stupidly I wasn’t aggro enough to volunteer. But the video is still good. Ashley was a topless dancer looking for day work that answered an ad I had on Craigslist where I was looking for a day laborer. As described in a previous post, mostly green-card bearing migrant labor with some under-employed white construction workers have traditionally filled this role in the past but in 2008 and 2009 there was a dip in helper availability while the Tea Party waged war in the media on Mexicans. So I tried posting an ad on the internet to fill a gig opening.

I brought her on a jobsite where there was another crew doing a remodel and when she asked to use the bathroom and was told where it was but that it didn’t have a door on it she laughed and said, “that’s fine,” and unashamedly got in there and pulled her pants down while the guys just stopped working for a few seconds and stared with their jaws open.

She looks good naked here. I should have kept in touch.

Members can click HERE or on the relatively work-safe picture below for the uncensored vid-ee-oh.

Click the censored and details-obscured photo if you're a member and watch Ashley on my bed as she grinds to relieve some stress after work. Haha.
Click the censored and details-obscured photo if you’re a member and watch Ashley on my bed as she grinds to relieve some stress after work. Haha.

Photo Gallery: Asphyxia Noir

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Asphyxia’s Photo Set

Iconic Art-model Asphyxia at Reviewer Magazine

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photos by Reviewer Rob

A photo gallery with around 360 photos has been uploaded from our photo shoot with Asphyxia Noir.

Posted here is a style comparison of the images in Asphyxia’s members’ gallery. An auto gallery, it compiles pictures at the exposure shot and loads them as-is.

Yeah yeah, I know that taking the time to adjust all 360 photos individually would have been a thoughtful touch – and I certainly will continue to edit them like the dozen or so I have already – but to hurry up and do ALL of them, right now? And it being the holidays on top of that? Well, that would take time away from my drinking and hanging out in bars…

Again, more of the customized images will be posted around the site here, so don’t worry. But I am sure you’ll like a lot of these in their unaltered state.

Click HERE to enjoy the show.

Sample from auto gallery of Asphyxia Noir on top, compared to one edited in Photoshop below.
Sample from auto gallery of Asphyxia Noir on top, compared to one edited in Photoshop below.

At top, a picture as it exists in the members gallery. Below, is after Reviewer Rob’s Photoshop magic.

Lisa Suckdog Carver Performed Au Naturel

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“The Crazy Bitch Came Through”

by Krk Dominguez

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I know you’re not here for a history lesson, but I’m not getting paid to entertain with a full floor show.

If you people can put a wrapper on this concept- the story will be palpable. These images were captured back in the dark ages, some 20 to 25 years ago, before the internet, before digital cameras: before Bill Gates could buy small countries.

I was fortunate enough back then to have been a nerd. I read a lot of zines edited by strange and compelling people or mean and nasty folk. Anyway you dice it, I ended up corresponding with a Lisa Suckdog over at Rollerderby (corresponding = me ordering a t-shirt & a couple issues of said rag). Her zine in particular was seductively odd (Google it, I’m lazy).

So, in one of her zines a buncha pictures pop up of her on stage nude with some weasel-looking punk named Costes. Of course they played it off as art. Only god will ever truly know what kinda shit they were ingesting at the time such a concept was conceived. But, to their credit, they took the show on the road and an LA date was scheduled.

When the time came – sure enough the LA Weekly got a hold of it and the word spread like herpes at a Grateful Dead parking lot, “Deranged naked chick on stage with drunk Frenchman”. Needless to say her LA debut had vast more in attendance than Sound Garden’s did, albeit her audience seemed less concerned with monitor feedback.

The crazy bitch came through. Out of the hundreds of gigs that I documented I will probably always remember some of this night. I would go into detail for you, but it would require some math and I doubt the majority of you went to high school. YouTube it or ask Larry Hardy…

~ Krk Dominguez – Huntington Beach, Ca. – 6/8/10 – 9:37 AM

Below: photos by Krk of alt-writer Lisa Carver (Vice Magazine as well as numerous books) and her then-husband Costes onstage as SUCKDOG.

Lisa Carver, pre-nude punkrock performance.
Lisa Carver, pre-nude punkrock performance.
Lisa Carver,  upstage of Costez.
Lisa Carver, upstage of Costez.

Lisa Carver and her punkrock opera, early 1990's , before the nude show begins...
Lisa Carver and her punkrock opera, early 1990’s , before the nude show begins…

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