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Poolside Mentoring


Scene: Pool

Mansplaining Made Easy

The following is a repost from Lara B. Sharp. ~Editor

Poolside Mentoring

August 2 at 8:24am

Scene: Pool, balding man, maybe 65 or 70 years old, with blue, bloodshot eyes, drinking from a bottle of Ensure, wearing designer swim trunks, which are half hidden under a huge, extremely brown, beer belly.

Him: What’s that you’re reading, […]

Lisa Carver's Lifelong Ruckus

[Printed Matter]

Suckdog: A Ruckus
an autobiographical look back through this new book from Lisa Carver

by Reviewer Rob

I’ve always liked career retrospectives. There’s something cathartic in a vicarious sense with experiencing an artist’s life work retrospective. Greatest hits CDs, autobiographies, documentary videos about someone at the end of a long and satisfying career — I like it […]

Preview of BLOOD SILVER by Ben Johnson


Your Sister’s A Spy

by Ben Johnson

(Editor’s note: this is an extract from Ben’s upcoming book Blood Silver. It’s his second novel in what looks to be an ongoing dramatic series involving crime and supernatural happenings in the modern-day San Diego suburban canyons and neighborhoods of Mission Hills and is about ‘what ties all things together’, […]

dual show reviews: Jose Sinatra, and Faking The Plunge Into Porn

Jose Sinatra, and Faking The Plunge Into Porn
how did it all sink to this?

Jose Sinatra at Ducky Waddles after the show during the start of his first ever Farewell Tour.

by Bob Yunger

Jose Sinatra, real name Bill Richardson, age 62, began his act in 1982 and had reached local legend status by 1994 when he […]

3 book reviews

Cover of Cochlea & Eustachia by Hans Rickheit.

[Books and other printed matter]

Actually two graphic book reviews from one artist/author, a novel from a San Diego writer, and a self-published book of short stories from Australia, but also a high-priced quarterly mainstream periodical and a xeroxed folded handout from Vegas
Not Really Just Three Book Reviews

by […]

print review: DTLV

Where To Go In Sin City Once You’ve Lost Your Money

print review by Reviewer Rob

DTLV Approx. 5×7”, similar to the Urbanist in San Diego, only more low-budget printing. I like it. This free hand-out guide is a colored xeroxed style folded info sheet of local happenings around the very hip and artsy Downtown “Arts District” […]

ten years ago this month: An Epic Oregon Roadtrip, 2005.

[Journal Archive]

Oregon Journey, 2005.
ten years ago, there was an epic road trip to Portland

by Reviewer Rob


Editor’s Note: In early Fall, 2005, I went on an exploratory expedition to the Northwest, driving from San Diego to Portland along the 101 from LA to SF and then up the 5 through Medford and into PDX, stopping finally […]