2018 plans

[Print Lives On] Happy New Year We survived, but 2017 sure sucked didn’t it. by Reviewer Rob I should probably address this first — happy new year, by the way — before I get into any explanations. I recognize that especially after 2016, 2017 was a tumultuous year for many people, MOST people, probably. Stories in the news, and I […]

Local Print By Locals

[Printed Matter] When Fliers Ruled by Reviewer Rob So I was at Gelato Vero on India and Washington last night for a quick cup of scooped espresso and picked up a Soda Bar schedule for November. The “FREE” on its nominal folded cover is what caight my eye. Well of course it’s free, it’s on a flier rack. But it […]

Issue 50 as jpeg images

For those who prefer jpegs over pdfs, Issue 50 as jpeg images Click the pics below for larger hi-rez versions. Click HERE for the link to the pdf.