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Happy New Year

We survived, but 2017 sure sucked didn’t it.

by Reviewer Rob

I should probably address this first — happy new year, by the way — before I get into any explanations. I recognize that especially after 2016, 2017 was a tumultuous year for many people, MOST people, probably. Stories in the news, and […]

Where've The Flier Racks Gone?

“Free” on the flier rack!

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When Fliers Ruled

by Reviewer Rob

So I was at Gelato Vero on India and Washington last night for a quick cup of scooped espresso and picked up a Soda Bar schedule for November. The “FREE” on its nominal folded cover is what caight my eye. Well of course it’s free, […]

Issue 50 as jpeg images

For those who prefer jpegs over pdfs, Issue 50 as jpeg images
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Reviewer 50 In Print

Reviewer in print, #50, the pdf link

Reviewer Magazine, issue 50, is out now with the Oregon Militia Standoff, The Cannabis Grower’s Tale, movie reviews, some music, Las Vegas Adult Entertainment Expo 2016 photos, and more. Going on it’s twentieth year. Check us out here –>

There’s a set of high rez jpegs too for this. […]

Reviewer 49 in print link

Issue 49 In Print

Look for issue 50 in about a month.

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print review: DTLV

Where To Go In Sin City Once You’ve Lost Your Money

print review by Reviewer Rob

DTLV Approx. 5×7”, similar to the Urbanist in San Diego, only more low-budget printing. I like it. This free hand-out guide is a colored xeroxed style folded info sheet of local happenings around the very hip and artsy Downtown “Arts District” […]

More Money For Public Education Instead Of Banksters

L.A. Museum Of Natural History: Money Well Spent

by Reviewer Rob

Went to the Museum of Natural history in Los Angeles in November. If you haven’t been there recently their current exhibit is Grandes Maestros and is running through September 13, 2015. Below are some photos I shot of the main exhibit hall, which is an engrossing […]