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Where've The Flier Racks Gone?

“Free” on the flier rack!

[Printed Matter]

When Fliers Ruled

by Reviewer Rob

So I was at Gelato Vero on India and Washington last night for a quick cup of scooped espresso and picked up a Soda Bar schedule for November. The “FREE” on its nominal folded cover is what caight my eye. Well of course it’s free, […]

The Falcon - Free To The Girls, $200 For The Guys


Maximizing Your Profits With “The Falcon”

product debut by Reviewer Rob

“The Falcon” ?

This is a new product they said was called “The Falcon” that was revealed and discussed in the Novelties symposium class thing that the people from the website Clips4Sale had on the last day of AEE 2015. The talk was called “1000s Of […]