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the pandemic and the emergence of the growler: craft beer take out.

Take Out Beer in the Time Of The Pandemic

If there is anything good about this pandemic shut down of 2020 it’s this: to-go craft beer take out. I had noticed that a few select specialty beer bars were still open, like the Tap Room on Garnet Avenue in Pacific beach. It has a sun canopy set up now on the sidewalk in front of the front door so you don’t have to walk inside (they wont let you) and they have some bar table set up between you, when you walk up, and whoever works the window there, so you don’t have too get too close and you can order a “growler” filled up to take home. A growler is a jug. This is new… I think this is totally new in the whole state of California. Being able to fill up your own bottle or jug or whatever in a bar and take it outside used to be totally illegal. I know that for a fact. I remember 20 years ago being scolded about it, about even considering asking if I could take a drink outside. According to the guy at the Tap Room on Garnet all this changed in California when the pandemic shut down came into effect. The laws and regulations changed BAM! so you can now get an order of some fine to-go beer, craft beer, like this Pliny The Elder 8% heavenly concoction that I have in my thermos, all citrusy and pine. Mmmm. Yeah. So maybe something good will come out of this pandemic after all…

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Beer Snob Rob’s beer review: “Agave Maria” from Lost Abbey

Beer handle display and assorted bar kitch, Live Wire.
Beer handle display and assorted bar kitch, Live Wire.
[Beer Snob Rob]

review: “Agave Maria” from Lost Abbey

by Reviewer Rob

So I was at this cozy little neighborhood bar called Live Wire tonight, having an arty short glass of “Agave Maria” (like “Ave Maria”, the song?) from Lost Abbey brewery.

Its taste is strong and thick, like molassesey cough syrup with a hint of stale bong water. A bit more medinciney than I usually drink but I like it.

At first Matt said it’s like 7 or 8% but after doing some online research he came back and says it’s a 13.5 and that it’s “aged in Agave barrels”.

On another happy side note: Matt Strachota from BARTENDERS BIBLE, Live Wire bartender and Americana old-timey music style aficionado, will be headlining TOMORROW NIGHT, Wednesday, 1-11-17, at The Office (ye olde Scolari’s Office for you long-time SD barflys) for a dance-tastic night of Americana music where he turns the joint into “The Grande Old Office”.

Should be interesting and I plan on being there to take some photos. Then on Friday night, his other band BARTENDERS BIBLE with Matt Parker and Jason Corbin will play The Black Cat Bar in City Heights.

And it’s Friday The Thirteenth. So knock on wood before you step out for a drink and some great country-bluesy-bluegrassy type music. ~RR

Dark, dank, mysterious, strong: "Agave Maria" from Lost Abbey
Dark, dank, mysterious, strong: “Agave Maria” from Lost Abbey
BARTENDERS BIBLE, Friday the 13th, at Black Cat Bar!!!
BARTENDERS BIBLE, Friday the 13th, at Black Cat Bar!!!
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Workhorse IPA, a local brew

in Portland, the Northwest Beer and Stripper Capitol

by Reviewer Rob

So I’m waiting to fly out of Portland at PDX and having only my second beer during this trip. The other was at The Kit Kat Club next to VG Donuts over the weekend. It was a mild amber IPA from Laurelwood, a local brewery, just like this one here right now. It was only 7.5 ABV and smooth and sweet. I looked closely at the pull handle tab this time and read the name of the beer. It was “Workhorse” but I had to adjust my glasses and squint my eyes from across the bar to look a second time harder at the small writing because at first I read it as “Whorehouse IPA”.

Go Portland Beavers.

#pdx #localbeer #laurelwoodbrewery

Workhose IPA, from Laurelwood Brewery, PDX. It's not "Whorehouse IPA".
Workhose IPA, from Laurelwood Brewery, PDX. It’s not “Whorehouse IPA”.