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The Economics of Legal Weed

Cannabis Will Be Free

testimonial from a formerly underground weed commerce worker

reposted from Amanda Pemberton aka Apneatic
(originally on her Instagram @apneatic)

Yesterday was 4.20 🌬I was given this shirt in 2012 by a vendor when I worked at a dispensary for 3 weeks in Seattle. When Chase and I were making @wmrtwo we ran out of money from our investor during post production and I had to move to Seattle and grow medical marijuana to finish funding our movie. I went and worked at a dispensary to make sure I was completing my first grow cycle properly. This was back when I could sell my hydro flower for $240/oz or $640/qp at farmers markets around Washington state. I got out of it soon after weed was made recreationally legal and the prices growers could get dropped really fast. But we got all the money we needed for our movie so I quit growing and selling it. Then I moved to Portland to study physics 🌈 instant photo of me studying organic chemistry by @tmronin

Art model and physics student Amanda "Apnea" Pemberton in a Weed Maps t-shirt given to her during her cannabis slinging days.
Art model and physics student Amanda “Apnea” Pemberton in a Weed Maps t-shirt given to her during her cannabis slinging days.
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Portland, Oregon, World Naked Bike Ride 6-24


WNBR PdX 2017

World Naked Bike Ride Time

The worldwide event comes to Portland again this month on the 24th.

Reviewer Rob

Last year I covered the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland as a photojournalist, and I was thinking about attending this year’s ride as a participant, but it looks like work will be keeping me in San Diego instead. This one will be at an as-yet unannounced location, and if last year’s protocol is any indication will follow a non-circuitous route that will be secret up until the last minute. According to their website the ride will be on June 24.

If you’re in the Northwest you should most definitely try to free yourself from social constraints and be there for this protest event in support of equality and acceptance. I’ve never seen anything like it and the people of Portland are totally The Bomb.

Here’s the photos from last year –> GALLERY.

Riders at the World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016. Photo by ReviewerTV.
Riders at the World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016. Photo by ReviewerTV.

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photolog: shooting jpeg vs. NEF

Why I shoot NEF RAW, and other superfluously obvious information

by Reviewer Rob

I was in Portland last weekend to finish up distributing a few hundred copies of issue 50 that had the Bundy Militia story in it. Ammon Bundy was on the cover in an article where Sarah Glass Shafer met him briefly at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff near Burns, Oregon, in January of this year, and on the back page was the article of her interview with militia spokesman LaVoy Finnicum. He’s the one who was eventually killed during a traffic stop with police about a month later after repeatedly taunting officers that they would have to shoot him. It was videoed by occupants of the vehicle he was driving as well as from police helicopter circling overheard. Very unfortunate.

So anyways, this is one reason why a couple of days before I arrived the not-guilty verdict in the federal trial of standoff participants was received as such good news by many members of the local public in Portland, and ehy it was important to get more copies of issue 50 up there ASAP. The recent verdict was the culmination of a big news story nationally.

While up there I had time to do some sightseeing, and there’s lots to see in the northwest. Portland is a fine combination of Big City and Great Outdoors because you’ve got all the elements of civilized society around you, yet wilderness is only a short car ride away. Witness the Willamette River: it’s a large tributary that flows into an even larger river, the Columbia, which can provide fresh water and power 365 days of the year. In the summer I’m a sure it’s an unending form of aquatic recreation too.

As for my photolog post, here it is:

I always set my cameras to shoot both JPEG and NEF RAW large/fine images. It takes up more space on the card but that’s okay, I just buy larger and more memory cards and more hard drives to archive shoots. I began shooting both several years ago while doing wedding gigs when the brides and grooms that hired me to shoot their ceremonies didn’t have the computer apps or know-how to process RAW images and needed their photos to be ready right away. But I also always wanted to have the RAW files on hand to do their custom image work separately. Below is an example of why.

The top photo is the original version. It was how the jpeg file looked when created, but the NEF RAW image was identical to it in appearance. The two below it contrast the limitations of the jpeg image against the versatility of the RAW file. Both were adjusted on in Photoshop until the best results could be achieved. The depth of color and detail retention of the RAW image at bottom can not be disputed, of course. Look at the wake behind the boat, and at what’s looks like a small sheltered cove only partially visible under the boat dock walk ramp in the upper left of the photo. You can see right into it in the RAW pic while in the jpeg it’s only a murky shadow. The state had experienced a very rainy October and although the image was slightly over exposed the brown color of the early November river water was well captured in RAW and brought out by the photo processing app. In the jpeg version not so much true color was recorded.

Clearly you should love shooting RAW and never settle for less.

Back to the subject of Portland. When I return, and I hope to very soon, I want to take my 600mm f4 and get some shots of the volcano Mount Hood. It has glaciers on it all the time and looks breathtaking at a distance against a cloudless blue sky.

Image technical data:
camera: Nikon D5300, Manual setting, Pattern Metering
lens: Tamron AF 18-270 f3.5
focal length: 270mm
160/sec, f11, ISO 1000

Here's the unedited jpeg original version. It's how the NEF RAW image looked upon creation as well.
Here’s the unedited jpeg original version. It’s how the NEF RAW image looked upon creation as well.
The jpeg original version, after editing in Adobe  Photoshop CC.
The jpeg original version, after editing in Adobe Photoshop CC.
The NEF RAW image after finished editing in Adobe Photoshop CC.
The NEF RAW image after finished editing in Adobe Photoshop CC.
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Reviewer TV: Gorge Performance surf shop, Portland, Oregon.

[Reviewer TV]

Finding An Actual Surf Shop in PDX

video interview by Reviewer Rob

I went to Portland over the Halloween weekend to finish up getting a thousand copies of issue 50 up in Oregon and while driving around the West side of the Willamette River valley I drove by a hand painted sign that said a surf shop was open. Surf shops are shrine-like outposts to waveriding anywhere you find them in the world so they’re all very similar but there was no way I expected to see one way up here and this far inland in the Northwest, so I immediately made a u-turn and pulled into the dirt parking lot to see what manner of trickery this was.

I have to admit it was the real deal. Dozens of hot boards lined the racks inside the shop (not shown in the video where we’re it’s out in the front yard and in the ding repair shed) and Matt Spencer who worked there was friendly enough to do a quick video interview for Reviewer TV.

I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. Oregon attracts extreme action sports types, it seems. Many years ago i first heard the Gerry Lopez, Mister Pipeline himself, had left his Oahu home and moved to Bend to take up residence near the slops where snowboarding is the call of the wild.

Willamette River Valley.
Willamette River Valley.