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dvd: It’s My First Time, from Burning Angel

Joanna Angel’s 2016 AVN award winning Pro-Am series is back!
Joanna Angel’s 2016 AVN award winning Pro-Am series is back! (The actual DVD box didn’t have “REVIEW COPY” written on the front but it’s censored here to keep things relatively work safe.)

[alternative film]

adult entertainment review:

“It’s My First Time: Volume 4”

‘Joanna Angel’s 2016 AVN award winning Pro-Am series is back!’

STARRING: Chloe Carter, Julianna Rose, Mallory Maneater, Rachel Ravaged, Jenevieve Hexxx, Bill Baily, Seth Gamble, Small Hands

Release Date: 2016, Length: 2 Hrs 27 Mins, Director: Joanna Angel

review by Reviewer Rob

Proposition 60 would have altered things for porn in California had it passed on November 8. Things quietly changed for porn after California’s 2012 Los Angeles Measure B, the mandatory condom law, and many adult production companies began their de-investment process in the Golden State. But the added civil suit incentives of Prop 60 threatened to provide teeth that previous regulatory measures lacked. Adult entertainment businesses in LA already occupy a shrinking economy due to other unrelated market forces and the previous condom law, so the industry cheered when Prop 60 was voted down.

The content on “It’s My First Time: Volume 4” was shot during the year prior to the election at an unspecified location which looked like someone’s upmarket LA guest house, and there’s no hint of the coming potential pornocalypse. While the unrehearsed feel of the interactions here are fun to watch, and Joanna seems like she’d be a cool neighbor with all her tattoos, the B-grade stripper quality of the talent here isn’t very attractive. The whole condom pressure thing will most likely drive that pool down lower.

From the November 8 California ballot regarding condoms in porn films:

‘Proposition 60 would require adult film producers to provide condoms and ensure that performers use them during performances in which “performers actually engage in vaginal or anal penetration by a penis.” While condoms would not need to be visible in films distributed to consumers, producers would need to prove that condoms were used. The costs of performers’ workplace-related medical examinations, sexually-transmitted infections (STI) tests, and STI vaccines would be covered by film producers under the measure. Adult film producers would be required to be licensed by Cal/OSHA every two years. Furthermore, producers would be required to contact Cal/OSHA whenever they make an adult film.’

Not long ago porn was describes as a thriving industry in a universe parallel to mainstream Hollywood entertainment, wealthy yet underground and invisible. Before internet’s first boom in the late 1990’s access to porn was limited to the smut rack under the surveillance camera of the local convenience store, or mail order. There were almost no enforced rules in its production and a Wild West atmosphere prevailed. Now that it’s become so common and anyone can access it for free at any time on their phone there’s more laws restricting its boundaries.

In the midst of the path modern porn is taking the universe it occupies has various overlapping social circles. If you’re a producer or an acting talent you occupy a certain place in the environmental sphere, the same for another type of character like a webmaster or a on-set grip/film-crew member. Then there’s the financing moguls and entertainment lawyers, or someone else that’s involved in the business of adult entertainment. How popular you are in the porn scene is what determines your location in relation to the center of this highly competitive World of Porn.

Although Joanna Angel started out as an “alternative” genre talent and webmaster with her site Burning Angel she has for the last decade moved closer and closer to the epicenter of the porn universe. No longer just an alternative actress, through her ubiquity she’s now a reigning Queen of Porn. This is no mean feat as things change all the time. Just ask James Deen. Like a sumo wrestling match there’s always the next crop of hottie associates willing to try and push the one in the center out of the spotlight. Joanna Angel through her personality and luck shows little sign of getting bumped.

Anyways, back to the condom law thing. Maybe you’re like me and were unaware that a 1992 California law already prohibited the production of porn without a condom. Its non-existent enforcement made it a de-facto mute point for more than twenty years. Local Cal/OSHA officials were unenthusiastic about popping in on a porn set and checking boners for latex. Now as companies are fighting for dwindling membership they just might call in the competition.

But is porn really that much of a hazard to public health, as politicians have said, or is someone just power trippin? The threat is that the proponent of Prop 60 and “free” porn’s current arch rival Michael Weinstein and the company he runs, Aids Healthcare Foundation, may try something new. If enforcement of the old law or the next iteration of Prop 60 become the eventual status quo it will so dramatically alter things that the American porn industry may wither or go overseas as it has threatened.

Currently it’s difficult to see how anyone makes any real money at all from porn making. If Johnny Jerkoff wants to squeeze one out into a sock he can go to one of these high quality crowd-stocked sites like Pornhub and xHamster to get a newly uploaded clip of Jenny banging her new boyfriend or Bob getting a blowjob at work in his car during lunch from the mail-room girl. These crowd-sourced sites are loaded with scenes by anonymous citizens doing it for fun, not a paycheck. Yes, there’s also the infamous illegally pirated content and even teaser previews by the professional companies. But honestly there’s so much high-quality porn being uploaded from ordinary citizens all the time it’s actually a quiet social revolution that is unprecedented in modern history, and it’s all for free. And that’s just content done and recorded in private. We’re not even talking yet about the live free sex shows on cam sites like Chaturbate.

So, unlike fifteen years ago where you had to buy a magazine or visit a strip club to see a strange naked woman without buying her drinks or dinner, no one really needs to pay for access to erotica any more. But yet many of the big companies are staying afloat and in this shrinking porno economy those fat cats will likely increase their market share.

Maybe that’s the way it should be. Perhaps the era of big cash returns for everyone in the domestic internet porn market was an anomaly, a brief epoch whose time is over, and it’s now replaced by a more democratic and social form of self-expression where exhibitionist sex is mostly just for fun and for free.

Joanna Angel, on the inside.
Joanna Angel, on the inside.
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dvd review: VAMPIRE CHEERLEADERS, from Burning Angel

[DVD Review]


From the 2015 AEE Trade Show in Las Vegas: Burning Angel’s Tattoo Porn

reviewed by Bob Younger

STARRING: Joanna Angel (also Director), Jessie Lee, Krissie Dee, Veronica Layke, Draven Star, Small Hands, Seth Gamble, Tommy Pistol, Mr Pete, Tommy Pistol, Wolf Hudson

The VAMPIRE CHEERLEADERS dvd was in a schwag bag being given out in the hallway of the AEE show in Vegas yesterday along with a neoprene beerbottle-cupholder and a couple of fliers for The Stockroom.

The acting in this scripted porn starting out is so bad, just retarded awful, but maybe that’s their niche at Burning Angel. One of the original alternative porn girls website owners, Joanna Angel is an unabashed limits-pusher when it comes to what’s socially acceptable or correct. Her porn is like skits put on for her and her friends to have fun with. You’re just along for the ride. Haha – I almost typoed: “just along for the rise” har har!

The sex and the “Extra Shit” part of this disc makes up for any thespianic deficit though. The inked girls, especially the perfect body of Joanna Angel, look great when their production stills are being shot. They’re more watchable when they’re being themselves or just fucking, not fucking acting. All the cast are good and yeah if you like hot female flesh you’ll be turned on by the sexy photoshoot striptease this heavily tattooed vixen Joanna puts on. Her tits and ass are world class AWESOME!

Back in the main part of this dvd, Tommy Pistol goes over the top by hamming it up with his “sensitive werewolf” act. His hyperbolic emotiveness is some funny stuff. The guy has no shame, and it shows.

So the story goes like this: Joanna and her girls are trying to get into the state finals with their cheerleading squad. But they have a problem. They’re vampires. They have this urge to keep killing people to eat their blood and stuff. It’s getting in the way of their success. They also piss off Tommy’s character the werewolf by snubbing him because he doesn’t quite fit in to their idea of coolness, because they’re vampires, you see. Vampires are sexy and cool. Werewolves are hairy and not sexy. They’re not cool. Tommy’s werewolf just wants acceptance. He tells them he’s “different” like they are and has cheering skills that can be put to use by the girls on the squad. But they’ll have none of it and turn him away, insultingly shaming him into baleful howls of sadness (he’s a werewolf so his cries are howls).

He gets revenge in the end though by killing all the murderous vampire cheerleaders. But even that’s without satisfaction because he’s overcome with guilt when he realizes he has anger management issues.

Hey wait, vampires can’t die. Oh well, sorry, these vampires in Joanna’s porn version of the cheerleading world certainly die. Boy do they die. Spoiler alert: life sucks and then you die.

Seriously. Check out this dvd’s “Extra Shit” section. It’ll make you want to go back and laugh at the dialog, as well as appreciate some of the hot banging.

Did I mention Joanna’s got some beautiful perfect HOT TITS?

You can find Vampire Cheerleaders HERE.

Screen shot from VAMPIRE CHEERLEADERS. Joanna Angel second from left, Tommy Pistol at right.
Screen shot from VAMPIRE CHEERLEADERS. Joanna Angel second from left, Tommy Pistol at right.
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new cinema: THE SILENT THIEF

[Indy Film]

The Silent Thief

Info from their Facebook page:

Released 2012

Genre Psychological Thriller

Studio jenkev productions, Inc.

The Silent Thief “Every Family Has Its Secrets”

Plot Outline The Silent Thief is a psychological thriller that examines familial bonds, the human need to belong and the thin line between sanity and insanity. Brennan Marley is an outcast drifter who threatens to destroy a family’s unity by displacing their biological son, Mike Henderson, while he is away at college. Hungry for acceptance and exceptionally cunning, Brennan becomes a boarder at the Henderson family’s beach home under false pretenses. Claiming that he is an orphan from England, Brennan uses his manipulative prowess to ingratiate himself with each member of the Henderson family before Mike returns home from college for Christmas vacation. As Brennan’s tactics become increasingly pernicious, psyches are driven to the breaking point, long buried family secrets are revealed and violence ensues.

Starring Toby Hemingway, Scout Taylor Compton, Cody Longo, Josh Pence, Kurt Fuller, Frances Fisher, John Billingsley

Directed By Jennifer Clary

Written By Jennifer Clary, Kevin Haberer, Chris Sapp

Produced By Kevin Haberer, Jennifer Clary


Movie still from The Silent Thief
Movie still from The Silent Thief
Movie still from The Silent Thief
Movie still from The Silent Thief.
The Silent Thief director Jennifer Clary, while working on her first film short, Dirty Girl.
The Silent Thief director Jennifer Clary, while working on her first film short, Dirty Girl.
The Silent Thief, poster image
The Silent Thief, poster image