Local Magic

I saw a lot of these stars on the front of the old houses in West Virginia when I was there in October, enough to know they've got some local significance. I asked a young cashier at a CVS drugstore about them and she told me right away they were barn stars. Seeing my puzzled [...]

Melvins, 1-9-19

Stoner rock the Casbah The Melvins opens their set, 1 of 4 from Reviewer TV on Vimeo. Melvins, 2 of 4 from Reviewer TV on Vimeo. Melvins, 3 of 4 from Reviewer TV on Vimeo. Melvins sing Happy Birthday to the Casbah, 4 of 4 from Reviewer TV on Vimeo.

Rockin’ Dr. Juli Crockett

[Transcript] The Fighting Muse Juli Crockett Interview To call her a "muse" may appear misleading. But she is a muse, although one meant in the original sense as an artistic inspiration. It's not "muse" as the contemporary pop interpretation as an object of erotic fixation. Dr. Juli Crockett, wife/mom/political activist, would resist that vehemently. Here [...]

Vice Stocks, in Good Faith

Weed Shares "Vice Stocks" -- are they the future? It's hard to tell what is in store politically for the stock market. If it wasn't then the potential return wouldn't be nearly as great. But it can be made even more mysterious by all the arcane and arbitrary rules imposed. The message said 'a good [...]

Book for sale: SUCKDOG — A RUCKUS, by Lisa Carver, signed

[Bookcabal] punk rock history   Book for sale: Lisa Cerver's SUCKDOG -- A RUCKUS, signed and in like new condition, $15.99 plus postage and handling Brand new, shiny, unread and signed copies of SUCKDOG -- A RUCKUS by Lisa Carber are for sale here. Email me, robertrowsey@gmail.com, or send $15.99 plus $5 postage and handling [...]