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No Prior Restraint


The Heroic Rodeo Clown

Media Intimidating Tactics
or, why censorship is wrong

by Bob Yunger

Fomenting Public Outcry

Japanese Suicide Apology video comments:

So, some Youtube video blogger guy named Logan Paul posted a Japanese suicide forest video and says he didn’t do it “for the views”. Haha. Sure.

But then he apologised amid public pressure to have Youtube take down his channel and, after caving to the grief of his deed, committed suicide himself.

Okay, he didn’t do that but he did pretty much do the journalistic equivalent of it.

I’ve seen the video and posted the Liveleak archive below and he didn’t do anything he should apologise for, except maybe let out a few self-conscious nervous snickers at the bizarre irony of it all. Hey, he and his friends were alive and the poor bastard on the tree wasn’t. If that’s not a time to reflect on the fantastic irony and the highs and lows of life with a chuckle especially when that’s your NATURAL TENDENCY then fine. You be you.

I started writing this post over a month ago at the beginning of January and then left it but here it is now that I’ll release it to the public:

If people were known to go to a remote place to commit suicide by strapping on an explosive vest and then dousing themselves with gasoline and lighting themselves on fire so they immolate in a fiery explosion — some poor soul’s chosen demise in a gore-ridden expanding ball of flame, body parts flying everywhere — wouldn’t you want to see that, at least ONE time? Of course you would. Because you’re a freak. Everyone’s a freak, pretty much. If you’re not, then fine. But most humans are natural edge pushers. We live to explore the boundaries of life and the world around us. That’s part of life. If it isn’t for you then go find a fucking cave to live in because you may lack that specific gene variation that has led the human race down the path of something called progress.

Okay, sorry if things got a little dark there. I’m back now. God bless America and the First Amendment. That’s all.

Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.
Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.

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Reviewer Magazine, 1998, card


Before “Net Neutrality”

finding my old business card in a collectible book I’m selling

by Reviewer Rob

I’m selling my otherwise in fine condition marked and annotated copy of DANCING NAKED IN THE MIND FIELD (a signed first edition) by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis that Pantheon sent to me for review back in 1998, two years after printing Reviewer Magazine’s first issue, and found one of my old business cards still set into a page. It’s in mint condition. 20 years sure flew by didn’t it, Rip Van Winkle. This was from back when things like “net neutrality” were an unknown concept no one had to worry about. Making phone calls, writing letters and post cards with postage stamps on them, and distributing business cards face-to-face were about the only ways to network and drumming up new business.

The old but pristine "tipped-in" Reviewer Magazine card.
The old but pristine “tipped-in” Reviewer Magazine card.
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Meddling Words Matter


“Meddling Kids”

Election manipulation by Putin, a thing of humor and satisfaction for our mainstream media?

by Reviewer Rob

from Intargam

Maybe our American mainstream news media really isn’t just one monolithic industry with one tight-knit cabal controlling it. Maybe it’s not significant that the only real use of the word “meddling” in popular culture here was by cartoon villains after they’ve had their plans disrupted, or “foiled,” by crafty heroes. But the word “disruption” was a perfectly suitable name for the alleged Russian cyber spywork in our recent presidential election. Even “interference” was good since it had already been entrenched via sports jargon. Yet all the big news outlets suddenly, and in unison, have chosen to to latch on to the use of this other arcane descriptive. I just ask, why?

#why #russianmeddling — in San Diego, California.

Scooby Doo’s meddling kids.
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Reviewer TV: World Naked Bike Ride 2016 PDX, the two “cat girls”

[Video Interviews]

Reviewer TV: World Naked Bike Ride protest Portland, Oregon.

Video: the two “cat girls” get on camera at 12:03.

by Reviewer Rob

I’m still dialing in the focus function on the Nikon D5200 and D5300 when in video mode. So there are parts here that could be more sharp, such as the beginning segment. Then comes dancing nudists and then the part where you might want to skip that is filled with shots of the grass…

I have to get on Adobe Premier and start editing these videos. There’s a long interval where the camera was kept on for some reason and you see people’s feet and hear the crowd milling around as I shot photos with my other camera. This resulted in me thinking that I had failed to switch on “Record” when I had the chance to interview the two girls but then when I checked the file list on the card I didn’t see what should have been the thumbnail for the interview with them. So I was depressed for a while as I thought I had not captured them on camera and here they were so friendly and talkative. I briefly considered walking back up to them and explaining what happened to get a second take but then quickly decided against it, that it would make me look dumb. So I just wrote it off and was happy that at least I got a great full-length frontal photo of them in all their glory, because they looked good — really good! Then later I checked the end of the previous interview in the list and saw that they were at the tail end of it. So I was like oh yay. These fresh young hotties represented a major portion of the crowd and vibe at the event. They’re iconic to me for that.

Click HERE or on the pic below for the video.

Reviewer TV: World Naked Bike Ride 2016 PDX, the two "cat girls"
Reviewer TV: World Naked Bike Ride 2016 PDX, the two “cat girls”. Click the pic for the video.
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audio: interview with LaVoy Finnicum

[Sound File]

Constitutional Issues

and the rights of the people to use the land

LaVoy Finnicum was the spokesman for the militia standoff up until late last month when he was shot dead at a roadblock where he and several other militia members were to be arrested for illegally holding a national wildlife refuge shelter in eastern Oregon. Reviewer Magazine went to Bend, Oregon, and met with the militia members on January 9 and that is where this interview took place.

A lot of fun has been made of his group, about how un-televisable they were, and they were called insane and host of other unflattering pronouns. But listen carefully to Finnicum on this tape with our ace reporter Sarah Shafer and you’ll find their position is pretty well thought out. There’s some issues with the federal government being able to seize land willy-nilly that are not getting discussed in the mainstream press.

Click HERE for the audio of the interview.

LaVoy Finnicum, photographed for Reviewer Magazine by Sarah Shafer.
LaVoy Finnicum, photographed for Reviewer Magazine by Sarah Shafer.