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There’s got to be other important things out there, right?



What are they keeping from us with this parade of shame?

It’s “Trump this” and “Trump that” all day long on lazy CNN and MSNBC. Let the Mueller investigation take its course and cover other important stuff too! Because meanwhile the wealth gap between the one percent and everyone else continues to soar, housing is less and less afforaldable to the average American, people are paying way too much for their health and education, our online privacy is constantly violated by government surveillance — and a hundred-and-one OTHER THINGS need to be addressed by the media in the news… But hey what we really have to see 24/7 are more of the daily antics of Donald J. Trump! WAY TO GO MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!

Bread and circuses.
Bread and circuses.
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Work for us at Reviewer Magazine/Prospector Magazine

[Gig Offered]


Help wanted! Gig Offered! Email

HELP WANTED! My business has grown to the point where I need someone who is good at accounting AND who knows Microsoft Office really well. Pay is on a sliding scale of whatever we agree upon, usually like $20 to $25 per hour on a gig-by-gig basis. I HAVE LOTS OF DATA ENTRY AND VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION TOO, SAME RATE. Potential candidates must be local to San Diego or Los Angeles, preferably from close to the beach communities where I always am. College grad is fine but I simply need someone who knows how to do Excel spreadsheets in their sleep, someone with a good resume and solid references. If that’s not you maybe it’s someone you know… refer me to them or them to me! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!


Help wanted! Email
Help wanted! Email
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Stormy Daniels, Apex Predator


Or, Why The Stormy Daniels / David Dennison Saga Really Matters: She May Do What All Those 2016 G.O.P. Candidates Could Not…

by Bob Yunger

Stormy Daniels sure is good at what she does. She only had to have sex with him one time, and after she got her hooks into him she never let go. What a pro! You’ve gotta admire her for the dedicated professional she is: only fucks Donald Trump ONE TIME in a hotel room and now, like a chump, TWELVE YEARS LATER HE’S STILL PAYING FOR IT! Ha. Ha ha. Nice work, Stormy Daniels, niiiiiiice werrrrrk.

With all the criticism the adult entertainment industry has to put up with on a regular basis, it’s really amazing. Today it’s still the ultimate tenderloin district for law enforcement due to the fact that so many of the people in it are young and naive and have something to hide. The ones who survive and carry on for a number of years have to develop real skills to deal with the constant parade of nonsense.

Stormy Daniels reportedly began her career in the stripper business at the age of 17 in her native city of Baton Rouge. So by the time she met Donald Trump she had been working the traps for ten years, AND she was starring in porn films by then. She was a veteran who had seen it all. She’d heard it all too, from every pathetic loser with an “I’ll make you a star” story and walked into the club thinking he’d find a dumb blonde to suck his dick on the false hope that he’d be The One to save her and whisk her away from this life.

Well Stormy liked her chosen life and she saw right through this rich guy’s bullshit I’LL PUT YOU ON MY TV SHOW lies. When he backed out as expected that was okay. She had a fallback plan, one that would turn her personal Donald Trump experience into a payout for her. No amount of shaming would turn her back, because, as they said about her in print, ‘shame isn’t especially useful to a porn star’.

So finally Donald Trump, after a career as a philandering shark, one ripping off contractors and investors left and right with his fast talking salesman spiel, it may be a woman who takes him down after all. A woman who is just as ruthless and without pity as he is. A true top-of-the-food-chain apex predator.


Below is a younger pre-breast augmentation Stormy Daniels. While her boobs may not be big here the same can’t be said about her pupils. lol

Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.
Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.
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No Prior Restraint


The Heroic Rodeo Clown

Media Intimidating Tactics
or, why censorship is wrong

by Bob Yunger

Fomenting Public Outcry

Japanese Suicide Apology video comments:

So, some Youtube video blogger guy named Logan Paul posted a Japanese suicide forest video and says he didn’t do it “for the views”. Haha. Sure.

But then he apologised amid public pressure to have Youtube take down his channel and, after caving to the grief of his deed, committed suicide himself.

Okay, he didn’t do that but he did pretty much do the journalistic equivalent of it.

I’ve seen the video and posted the Liveleak archive below and he didn’t do anything he should apologise for, except maybe let out a few self-conscious nervous snickers at the bizarre irony of it all. Hey, he and his friends were alive and the poor bastard on the tree wasn’t. If that’s not a time to reflect on the fantastic irony and the highs and lows of life with a chuckle especially when that’s your NATURAL TENDENCY then fine. You be you.

I started writing this post over a month ago at the beginning of January and then left it but here it is now that I’ll release it to the public:

If people were known to go to a remote place to commit suicide by strapping on an explosive vest and then dousing themselves with gasoline and lighting themselves on fire so they immolate in a fiery explosion — some poor soul’s chosen demise in a gore-ridden expanding ball of flame, body parts flying everywhere — wouldn’t you want to see that, at least ONE time? Of course you would. Because you’re a freak. Everyone’s a freak, pretty much. If you’re not, then fine. But most humans are natural edge pushers. We live to explore the boundaries of life and the world around us. That’s part of life. If it isn’t for you then go find a fucking cave to live in because you may lack that specific gene variation that has led the human race down the path of something called progress.

Okay, sorry if things got a little dark there. I’m back now. God bless America and the First Amendment. That’s all.

Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.
Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.