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Some PDFs of Reviewer Magazine, as a free published newspaper-magazine (R.I.P.), in print:
















flood relief for Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

and other acts of god

by Reviewer Rob

“There if not by Grace go I,” it’s a saying you’ve heard many times when witnessing some unfortunate other experiencing hardship. But it’s a truism that’s on my mind while watching the environmental and economic tragedy in Houston unfolding right now. Many many many times over the last […]

Brock Doom vs. apartment fire GoFundMe

“I Fought It”

by Reviewer Rob

Ramzi Abed, aka Brock Doom, is a film maker friend of ours in West Hollywood [In a Spiral State (2009), The Devil’s Muse (2007) and Clay Fields (2003)] who had a pretty bad run-in with an apartment electrical fire in his home recently.

WARNING: the graphic pictures of his serious injuries are […]

Reviewer Magazine's Final Print Issue

Goodbye to the “free” press — but not press freedom
With much gratitude to all, Reviewer is finished as a free newspaper magazine

You may notice that there is no more “Ad Rates” link here on the press blog.

From the Instagram post today, 4-15-2007: “After 20 years Reviewer Magazine is no more. Last year’s issue 50 is […]

Anna Yanushkevich, The Pussy Grabs Back, 1-20-17, The Merrow


Women Matter
Anna Yanushkevich, The Pussy Grabs Back, 1-20-17, The Merrow

video and review by Reviewer Rob

My interpretation is this is a performance art piece where the dancer is depicting the vulnerability of old age or infirmity in the relationship that a woman has when joined to a wealthy man that is willing to trade her in […]

Clairemont Mesa Altadena quickie drive-thu mart.

Altadena quickie drive-thu mart
Clairemont Mesa, CA

photo by Reviewer Rob

Drive-through quickie mart, one of the last ones in California. Apparently these used to be a lot more popular. Not sure why they fell out of favor and became less common, I think they’re awesome. Everything should be drivethru, and also open 24 hours.

Interesting side note: the […]

Politifashion: the Pussy Grabbing Dress, by Dame Darcy.


Presidential Art
Dame Darcy looks on the bright side

With less than three weeks to the swearing in of the new president, below is a panel from cartoonist Dame Darcy (Fantagraphics Press) that describes the artist’s hopefulness that the apprehension regarding Donald Trump’s inauguration will at least provide a bright side with a new fashion movement. ~Editor

The Story of A Pleasant artist, a Bush and £5 Pounds!

The Bush 5 Pound Note

The Bush 5 Pound Note
The Story of A Pleasant artist, a Bush and £5 Pounds!

by: ‘THE UNKNOWN’ Artist

It all began in 2003 following a series of trips to the United Kingdom in which the street installation artist known as ‘Pleasant’ was invited to contribute his unique style of underground visual […]

My California 2016 Ballot General Election Handbook

California General Election 2016 Voter Guide. Available on Ebay…

I can’t wait till this ordeal is over.

by Reviewer Rob

So glad the November 8 mail-in voter deadline/day at the polls is finally tomorrow. Man it’s been a long year. By this time Wednesday we’ll have a good idea about how the next four years will go. […]

World Naked Bike Ride in Portland 2016 Organizer Interview

[Reviewer TV]

WNBR Pdx spokesperson Stephen Upchurch
Another amazing Reviewer TV video interview

by Reviewer Rob

So I arrived at Mt. Scott Park in Portland at 8 p.m. to cover the World Naked Bike Ride and first thing I wanted to do, since I stood out like a sore thumb with my two Nikon SLRs dangling from my shoulders […]