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Some PDFs of Reviewer Magazine, as a free published newspaper-magazine (R.I.P.), in print:
















Freemasonry Documentary movie review

[Independent Film]

33 & Beyond

movie review of 33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry

Written and directed by Johnny Royal
Cast: Johnny Royal, Robert Doan, Tom Driber, Ernest Chapman, Chris Sanders, Adam W. Wolf, John Eberle, Matt Dove, Robert J Davis, James Tressner, John Cooper III, R. Stephen Doan, Greg Cherry, Joseph Kindoll, Douglas Roberts, Daniel Hanttula, […]

R.I.P. Filmmaker Bruce Brown

[dig a hole]

Filmmaker Bruce Brown

A legendary Independent Film Maker has died

by Reviewer Rob

According to a post first seen last night on The Intertia and this afternoon being reported everywhere, the filmmaker who gave us Endless Summer and the motocross flick On Any Sunday has died. I met Bruce Brown at the Action Sports Retailer show […]

Prospector: Sifting The New Economy


The Future

Prospector: The Shining City.

[This repost is from a new venue that I’ve opened up and I’d like to formally introduce. Prospector will be a place where we’ll discuss the strange and complicated shifts that are occurring in our society regarding an often taboo subject, making money. Writers, bloggers, and analysts are invited to […]

Classic Yet Unique Wedding Photos

Trash The Dress

Sometimes my brides and grooms ask for a different kind of wedding photography. The “Trash The Dress” shoot is one such instance. Wedding dresses are usually very well made and clean really well. This may not be for everyone but for the bold and adventurous a post-ceremony trash the dress photo shoot is […]

In California Wedding Season Is Year-Round

Vacation-Destination Wedding Photography


Due to our weather and fine economy San Diego and Southern California’s wedding season is all year long.

words and photos by me, Reviewer Rob

As you may know, dear reader, we here at Reviewer Magazine will do pretty much anything legal for money. If you can be paid decently to do it and and […]

4Sale: Motorbooty #9.

[Book Cabal]

Motorbooty #9



Rare and strange, Books For Sale: the iconic grafix comix magazine from the tail-end of the Twentieth Century, MOTORBOOTY issue number nine, $20, plus shipping ($3.99), very good condition with very slight edge wear on lower-right corner, email

Motorbooty description from

Motorbooty was a magazine from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nine issues were published […]

Me At 25 One Sunny Afternoon

One Sunny Afternoon

by Reviewer Rob

Me at 25, in a “found photo” I’d forgotten about and recently dug out of my archives again.

Cell phone pic of a 4×5 print of me at 25 years-old, summer of 1989: I was driving through La Jolla one day, probably a weekend, and had my Nikon FM2 with a […]

flood relief for Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

and other acts of god

by Reviewer Rob

“There if not by Grace go I,” it’s a saying you’ve heard many times when witnessing some unfortunate other experiencing hardship. But it’s a truism that’s on my mind while watching the environmental and economic tragedy in Houston unfolding right now. Many many many times over the last […]

Brock Doom vs. apartment fire GoFundMe

“I Fought It”

by Reviewer Rob

Ramzi Abed, aka Brock Doom, is a film maker friend of ours in West Hollywood [In a Spiral State (2009), The Devil’s Muse (2007) and Clay Fields (2003)] who had a pretty bad run-in with an apartment electrical fire in his home recently.

WARNING: the graphic pictures of his serious injuries are […]

Reviewer Magazine's Final Print Issue

Goodbye to the “free” press — but not press freedom
With much gratitude to all, Reviewer is finished as a free newspaper magazine

You may notice that there is no more “Ad Rates” link here on the press blog.

From the Instagram post today, 4-15-2007: “After 20 years Reviewer Magazine is no more. Last year’s issue 50 is […]