Cannabis Biz in the Time of Covid-19

[Essential Work] Weed Biz California Cannabis Retailers Are Essential Workers During the Covid-19 2020 pandemic shutdown Sacramento has deemed cannabis as a protected vital industry By Rob CANNABIS WORKERS ARE ESSENTIAL: From page one of the PDF detailing a list of essential workers in California during the pandemic shutdown. ‘Cannibis retailers’ are listed at the end of the paragraph at […]


[Book Review] Local Knowledge ABANDONED SAN DIEGO ABANDONED SAN DIEGO, 96 pages, paperback, published by America Through Time, 2019, Jessica D. Johnson author review by Rob I like this little book because I love San Diego. Any book that attempts to reveal useful hidden knowledge pretty much has my vote, but since ABANDONED SAN DIEGO is about my hometown makes […]

4sale: The Book Of Joe, signed, with original art

[4sale] For Sale The Book Of Joe, signed, with original art: $349 SIGNED WITH ORIGINAL ART! This amazing 2003 first edition release from Last Gasp comes with a felt tip drawing by Coleman on the title page. As such it is a signed first edition that is one-of-a-kind with actual ORIGINAL ART IN IT BY THIS AMAZING ARTIST. The book […]