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There’s got to be other important things out there, right?



What are they keeping from us with this parade of shame?

It’s “Trump this” and “Trump that” all day long on lazy CNN and MSNBC. Let the Mueller investigation take its course and cover other important stuff too! Because meanwhile the wealth gap between the one percent and everyone else continues to soar, housing is less and less afforaldable to the average American, people are paying way too much for their health and education, our online privacy is constantly violated by government surveillance — and a hundred-and-one OTHER THINGS need to be addressed by the media in the news… But hey what we really have to see 24/7 are more of the daily antics of Donald J. Trump! WAY TO GO MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!

Bread and circuses.
Bread and circuses.
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Wedding Season Is Coming

Vacation-Destination Wedding Photography


Due to our weather and fine economy San Diego and Southern California’s wedding season is all year long.

words and photos by me, Reviewer Rob

As you may know, dear reader, we here at Reviewer Magazine will do pretty much anything legal for money. If you can be paid decently to do it and and not get in trouble, then hey, this is 2017 and we’re all about meeting those bills.

I began shooting photos in my early twenties back in the late-1980’s and was asked to shoot weddings from the start. Over the last ten years I’ve elevated my event coverage and portraiture to world-class levels and include wedding packages that combine artistry and journalistic techniques in a very unique style.

Contact me through the Beautiful Wedding Photos website or email to inquire about availability and secure your wedding date. I’d be delighted to record your special day just the way you want.

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Portland, Oregon, World Naked Bike Ride 6-24


WNBR PdX 2017

World Naked Bike Ride Time

The worldwide event comes to Portland again this month on the 24th.

Reviewer Rob

Last year I covered the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland as a photojournalist, and I was thinking about attending this year’s ride as a participant, but it looks like work will be keeping me in San Diego instead. This one will be at an as-yet unannounced location, and if last year’s protocol is any indication will follow a non-circuitous route that will be secret up until the last minute. According to their website the ride will be on June 24.

If you’re in the Northwest you should most definitely try to free yourself from social constraints and be there for this protest event in support of equality and acceptance. I’ve never seen anything like it and the people of Portland are totally The Bomb.

Here’s the photos from last year –> GALLERY.

Riders at the World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016. Photo by ReviewerTV.
Riders at the World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016. Photo by ReviewerTV.

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[Performance Art]


Friquita Francis, words & Marco Butcher, music.
Recorded at Boom Box Studios, North Carolina, produced in Istanbul, Turkey, 2016.

review by Reviewer Rob

LUNA DEATH TRAILS – RIDDEN COUNTRY TERROR SNOW” is a big and bawdy new single track with lyrics that meander all over the emotional map recorded by Friquita Francis and Marco Butcher. It was produced through a collaboratory effort from opposite sides of the world. Friquita teases the listener with her sometimes indecipherable voice which has matured and is noticeably stronger than in “Fry”, the last track I heard from her (unreleased) a few years ago recorded in New Orleans. There’s hints of PJ Harvey in her voice here and the cacophonous percussion and bass is reminiscent of Tom Waits while the vocals also call to mind some of the less angry versions of Lydia Lunch. You’re an audio voyeur to a private party with witches and multiform creatures brought to life from out of an Hieronymus Bosch painting. Look for a lot more from this band.


stultified from the bones sinking in
the worm holes in your skin laughing clocks
battered brides
a great desires
to run
and hide (shake it up) mountains to volcanoes
behind lustful eyes
a hazy morning
a foghorn cries push him deeper
pull inside
you’ll never know
just what
you’ll find (shake it up)
something new
something bright
something true
and prophesied knock me out
like a cold male lover
deepest shades of black
the pressure of your motor skills
your motive is a fact push him deeper baby
push him inside
wake up in santiago baby
with blood dripping from my mind as far away from you
as far away from me
as far away from time
and your fucking brainwashed kind you’ve got no money baby but you’ve got a whole lot of guns
you’ve got nobody baby
but you’ll have a whole lot of fun

Friquita Francis, an innocent, abroad.
Friquita Francis, an innocent, abroad.