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Coronavirus Lockdown Timeline, early April, 2020

[American Carnage]

Shutdown Report

A sought-after N95 dust mask.
A sought-after N95 dust mask. Photo: 2020

From Violet Magdalena Platt:

Current affairs. I’m just gonna put this out there and hope that people respond logically (burn these fuckers to the ground):

-Mortgage and debt and tax companies are still collecting
-SBA was given billions of dollars for small businesses and isn’t distributing it
-Unemployment is really behind
….once again mortgage and debt companies are still expecting their money??

-Most people are out of work
-The government is rolling out 5g while people are not around
-1.5 trillion was injected into the stock market OVERNIGHT when the rich people needed it

-There has been NO MORATORIUM on utility collection. So when this is over and nobody has had income for months, the full amount will be due or piling up, furthering Americans being in permanent debt slavery.

-Trump is probably going to be president again
-The citizens who get no debt relief are making masks for health systems that rake in millions of dollars per year (the CEOs are taking it). They have plenty of money to get their own masks. Or pay you to do it.

-Where is the $1200 stimulus money by the way? Not that it is sufficient at all and it’s basically just going from the bankers (government) right back to the bankers (debt owners)

Society has failed.


We want your on the pandemic shutdown. ~Editor

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Women and Hollywood Forever

Women and Hollywood Forever


Pamela Des Barres, Nicole Byer, Michelle Tea, Siel Ju, Kayden Kross, with Venus and The Moon, and host Trish Nelson

THURSDAY 03.01.2018

Calling to order all women and fierce allies of women!

Commencing on the full moon of every month in the glow of a candlelit room, The Secret of The Sisterhood invites some of the most prolific, iconic and diverse women of our generation to come together in front of our intimate audience, and share personal stories surrounding the topic of the evening.

The theme for March 1st is “I thought I was going to die!”.

Proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood (

by Reviewer Rob

“The Secret of The Sisterhood invites some of the most prolific, iconic and diverse women of our generation to come together in front of our intimate audience, and share personal stories…”

So said the promo email. All I saw was the photo of Kayden Kross. The names at first were irrelevant but afterward I saw Pamela Des Barres and realized I wanted to see if not meet the author and former rock groupie.

It looked like a great show. I wanted to attend and cover the event but hadn’t found out about it until the night before when I got the email from their press agent and impulsively bought a ticket.

I’m still based in San Diego as of this writing but have been groaning to take another roadtrip. Even one as short as up to L.A. for the day. Just anything to get out of this sunny peaceful town. I’ve been thinking about Vegas again, which I was at only five weeks ago for AVN and InterNEXT. Or maybe Portland or Seattle when the weather warms up a bit more. Even Dallas or NOLA. Hell, I’ll drive to D.C. just to visit the National Gallery this summer. I need a roadtrip so badly.

But then an hour before setting out for Hollywood Forever I realized that my mini Reviewervan, the Safari, had yet to be smogged and tagged for 2018, and it was the day before it was due and when the registration fee would go up. I’d been lagging. So I opted to try and get it to pass smog and then registered at a place where I can do both and pay extra for the tag before trying to make it to the show 100 miles to the north in Hollywood. On a good night I can make it in an hour and a half to the Rainbow bar,

I eventually foregoed the ride to stay in town and take care of this detail. My van needed work. I’m so responsible.

No refund I guess on the ticket I bought. I’ll just consider it a small donation to the cause of women in Hollywood’s Secret Underground Society Of Hotties.

Plus there’s that photo of Kayden Kross, omg. Kayden Kross. So obscenely hot. That sly smile, that turned ankle, that blonde hair and perfect skin… ungh.

Kayden Kross, just doing her thing, photo via Hollywood Forever
Kayden Kross, just doing her thing, photo via Hollywood Forever
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No Prior Restraint


The Heroic Rodeo Clown

Media Intimidating Tactics
or, why censorship is wrong

by Bob Yunger

Fomenting Public Outcry

Japanese Suicide Apology video comments:

So, some Youtube video blogger guy named Logan Paul posted a Japanese suicide forest video and says he didn’t do it “for the views”. Haha. Sure.

But then he apologised amid public pressure to have Youtube take down his channel and, after caving to the grief of his deed, committed suicide himself.

Okay, he didn’t do that but he did pretty much do the journalistic equivalent of it.

I’ve seen the video and posted the Liveleak archive below and he didn’t do anything he should apologise for, except maybe let out a few self-conscious nervous snickers at the bizarre irony of it all. Hey, he and his friends were alive and the poor bastard on the tree wasn’t. If that’s not a time to reflect on the fantastic irony and the highs and lows of life with a chuckle especially when that’s your NATURAL TENDENCY then fine. You be you.

I started writing this post over a month ago at the beginning of January and then left it but here it is now that I’ll release it to the public:

If people were known to go to a remote place to commit suicide by strapping on an explosive vest and then dousing themselves with gasoline and lighting themselves on fire so they immolate in a fiery explosion — some poor soul’s chosen demise in a gore-ridden expanding ball of flame, body parts flying everywhere — wouldn’t you want to see that, at least ONE time? Of course you would. Because you’re a freak. Everyone’s a freak, pretty much. If you’re not, then fine. But most humans are natural edge pushers. We live to explore the boundaries of life and the world around us. That’s part of life. If it isn’t for you then go find a fucking cave to live in because you may lack that specific gene variation that has led the human race down the path of something called progress.

Okay, sorry if things got a little dark there. I’m back now. God bless America and the First Amendment. That’s all.

Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.
Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.

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Millions And Millions For Drones In Poway

General Atomics Poway drones will multiply in 2018.
General Atomics Poway drones will multiply in 2018.

Poway Drones

Huge General Atomics Contracts In The Works

by Reviewer Rob

When I was a kid in the early-1970’s and my mom worked for a realty company on Poway Road houses were going for about 20 thousand a piece. Now that things have changed and there’s plenty of million-dollar homes dotting the hills above the Poway valley that economic surge will only grow larger this year since General Atomics is getting $328.8 million for their MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial systems programs. The hills south of Poway Road had undeveloped archeological sites rumored to be replete with Indian burial grounds. Now the drones made there will be haunting the skies over Afghanistan and elsewhere.

According to this article on the UPI wire:

‘The MQ-1 Predator is an armed, multi-mission, medium-altitude, long-endurance remotely piloted aircraft that has seen action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. The aircraft is used as an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance asset, and can be used to conduct pattern-of-life analysis, as well as targeted and signature strikes on targets.

‘Similarly, the MQ-9 Reaper can conduct multi-missions, and as a medium-altitude range and long-endurance that is remotely piloted. The Reaper, however, is larger and more heavily-armed than the MQ-1 Predator and is used to conduct time-sensitive strikes on targets.’

Maybe San Diego can use some of that aerial surveillance to supplement its dwindling police presence doing traffic monitoring of motorcycle lane-splitting during rush hour.

General Atomics, Poway, is getting big bucks in 2018.
General Atomics, Poway, is getting big bucks in 2018.
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Liberal vs. Conservative Tax Policy


The Real Cost Of Tax Reform

“How can you Swiss people be so docile about paying such high taxes?”

by Rick Steves
[This is a repost from his Facebook Rick Steve’s Europe.]

Rick Steves: "More money than many Americans make in their entire lifetime. That’s what Congressional Republicans are voting to give me as a tax break."
Rick Steves: “More money than many Americans make in their entire lifetime. That’s what Congressional Republicans are voting to give me as a tax break.”

More money than many Americans make in their entire lifetime. That’s what Congressional Republicans are voting to give me as a tax break.

That’s right: If Republicans in Congress get their way, I just saved a couple million dollars on the change in the inheritance tax alone. What about you?

Our government already spends more than it takes in, and this tax giveaway will make it worse. But that plays right into Congressional Republicans’ strategy to shrink the government: First, they cut taxes by $1.5 trillion (mostly benefiting the rich). Then, to balance the budget, they’ll claim that the only solution is to gut programs (such as Social Security and Medicare) designed to protect America’s poor and working class.

I once asked my Swiss friend Olle, “How can you Swiss people be so docile about paying such high taxes?” Without missing a beat, he replied, “Well, what’s it worth to live in a country where there’s no hunger, no homelessness, and where everyone — regardless of the wealth of their parents — has access to quality healthcare and education?”

I believe a national budget is a moral document. It declares who we are as a nation. Decency requires compassion and help for our poor. Stability requires a healthy middle class. The Republican economic agenda both hurts the poor and further weakens our middle class — all to give wealthy people a windfall of cash they don’t need.

So what am I going to do with all of the tax revenue Congressional Republicans want to save me? I’m choosing to provide, as an individual, what European societies would provide collectively: housing for otherwise homeless single mothers and their kids (, helping to build senior centers (…/rick-steves-announces-2-million-…), and paying the rent of our local symphony orchestra ( These are basic services — not extravagances.

While Republicans might argue that I’m proving their point — that charity from the wealthy will come to the rescue — I believe that such services should be paid for not by the odd millionaire who doesn’t have a taste for golf clubs and yachts, but collectively, through progressive taxation. While lowering my marginal tax rate from 39.6% to 37% will have no impact on my privileged standard of living, it will ultimately have a huge impact on millions of struggling people.

As a proud American and a student of Europe, I care deeply about the cost to the fabric of our society that this windfall for the wealthy will bring. If you believe you’re being represented by a Republican Congressperson who votes for this plan, you are mistaken. It costs them a lot of money to convince you to vote for them, and this tax bill is their way of paying off their major donors. And if I lived in your district, I’d raise bloody hell.

(By the way, our Christmas fundraiser for Bread for the World was a huge success this year, raising more money than ever. Thank you to the 2,376 who contributed, collectively raising $311,700. With my $250,000 match, together we raised $561,700 to empower Bread in its work — to speak up for those who don’t have private lobbyists driving our government to re-write laws in their favor.)