Kelli Instagram Safe

[Art Photography] Private-party censorship of the arts. by Reviewer Rob Nudes in art are a time-honored tradition, except for on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t do it there. Here’s some monochromed images from 35mm color negatives I shot on Kodak film, 400 speed I believe, over 30 years ago. We were driving around looking for private and discrete places to shoot […]

skeleton email — Danger Factory

[Verbatim] Rex Edhlund (Danger Factory, Industry Showroom, Hypno, Kulture Magazine) Responds To An Enemy Well-Wisher Rex Edhlund, a public post [This is a reprint from his Facebook. Check out Rex Edhlund’s newest project, ~Editor] Got a weird email from a person a zillion years ago. I suppose it’s cool to get me remembering things for a possible memoir. “Ha […]