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The Cambria List: Don't Go There

Paul J. Cambria, Jr. of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP

[The Law]

Word To The Wise

Navigating First Amendment Issues

by Reviewer Rob

One of the Reviewer TV doc videos being converted for html5 right now is an Adult Entertainment Expo 2016 in Las Vegas panel discussion from Wednesday, January 20, about porn and the law called “Case Studies: […]

Donald Trump Has Been Bought Already

What The Donald Says
Of course he doesn’t need special interests’ money,because he is the special interest.

by Reviewer Rob

Watching the Republican hopefulls’ debate/reality show on FOX last night was a laff riot. But the comedy began long before that.

Hearing Donald Trump say he doesn’t need lobbyist money in this clip reminds me of when The Terminator […]