LANESPLITTING? “Open letter to the Motorcyclist I did not kill on the 805 this morning – w4m (805)”

[Craigslist Post] Open letter to the Motorcyclist I did not kill san diego > city of san diego > personals > missed connections I hope you made it to wherever you were going to okay, and that lane splitting at 50-60mph got you there in time. I did not make it to my temp assignment this morning, because I sacrificed […]

operating system review: Windows 10

Don’t say no to a free copy Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a million times better than what preceded it by Reviewer Rob I was recently offered a free copy of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, via a message that popped up on my Toshiba laptop screen. Not too happy with Windows 8, I readily accepted and entered my email […]

Windows 10, a free update, the waiver

[Agreement] Holding Microsoft Harmless For What Its Windows 10 Update Does by Reviewer Rob As of two days ago, below is the legal doc you click “Agree” to when accepting Microsoft’s free Windows 10 operating system update. Last updated July 2015 MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM IF YOU LIVE IN (OR IF YOUR PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS IS […]

Getting A Bitcoin Wallet Now by Reviewer Rob I’ve taken my first tentative steps towards financial functionality with inclusion in the massively Libertarian community at Botcoin by opening up and account at, one of the “wallet” options at the payment page that were offered after VISA and MasterCard were removed due to Netherlands-based website’s alleged use of the traditional card companies as ways to pay for […]