Lester Bangs gone 41 years now

Leslie Conway “Lester” Bangs (December 14, 1948 – April 30, 1982) The 41st anniversary of the death of rock’s greatest critic passed today, one born in Escondido and raised in El Cajon. On this day in 1982 San Diego native Lester Bangs died of overdose, leaving a huge literary legacy as a rock-and-roll journalist, critic, author, in Rolling Stone and […]

Norma Cusin, SDFW23

Introducing New Fashion Designer from Pittburgh Norma Cusin Check out the Reviewer TV interview with Miss Norma Cusin @normacusin_, a young new fashion designer from Pittsburgh. On April 22 her line was featured in San Diego Fashion Week’s 2023 Spring Showcase and she sat down for a talk with me in the upstairs bar of the Hotel Republic at 421 […]

DJ Kelly Lynch, r.i.p.

[Tribute] “I’ve Got The Power” Ruled the Floor I found out today that San Diego club DJ Kelly Lynch died last year. Heather Evans aka Mz Kitten told me. I first met DJ Kelly Lynch in the late 1980’s when he was spinning House music for Chaos Productions at an Australian-themed bar and mini brewery (before they were cool) called […]

Ms Kitten’s Scene

In 1997 Ms Kitten had a fashion show at a large venue called 4th&B in San Diego, well it was more like a freak show but we can talk about that later, and I shot it for Reviewer Magazine. I think we ran the full page black and white photo collage in issue three. I’m converting a bunch of photos […]