What The Donald Says

Of course he doesn’t need special interests’ money,
because he is the special interest.

by Reviewer Rob

Watching the Republican hopefulls’ debate/reality show on FOX last night was a laff riot. But the comedy began long before that.

Hearing Donald Trump say he doesn’t need lobbyist money in this clip reminds me of when The Terminator pushed to recall Gray Davis and ran for Governor of California. Schwarzenegger said the same thing, that he couldn’t be bought. But that didn’t really mean anything. The wealthy class didn’t need to buy him because he was ONE OF THEM, and when he got in office he set about reducing taxes on the rich and doing all the things the lobbyists would have paid him to do, to the detriment of the infrastructure of the state.

Trump is lobbyist's money!
Trump is lobbyist’s money! Click this image for full screen. It’s HUGE!

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