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The Hand Of Glory


The Hand Of Glory

at California Institute Of Abnormalarts

Illustration of a Hand Of Glory and how it was used as a candle during a burglary.
Illustration of a Hand Of Glory and how it was used as a candle during a burglary.

by Reviewer Rob

A Hand of Glory was a tool used by malefactors in the criminal underworld of yesteryear. Think of it like a kind of supernatural roofie used by burglars and other such nefarious bad actors. Taken from the corpse of a hanged man, the hand was dried, pickled and mummified according to a special process and then it made a thieves’ job easier by eliminating resistance from the occupants of house or building they wanted to rob. Some accounts also said they allowed entry through locked doors.

This of course made it an object of immense value to a certain social element. According to one account, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Draco Malfoy sees a Hand of Glory in Borgin and Burkes, the dark arts specialist shop, and is told that it “gives light only to the holder.” He buys and later uses it in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. These purported special power may be why one was reportedly found secreted inside the wall of an old house in Yorkshire, England, recently. Perhaps it was put there long ago for safe-keeping or for some other “magic” reason. The California Institute Of Abnormalarts in Burbank has a Hand Of Glory among its strange collection of occult kitch if you’d like to see one in the beef-jerkied flesh. According to the owner Carl Crew, “it tastes like teriyaki.”

Hand of Glory:
A grisly magical charm popular with thieves in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the hand of glory was a candle made from the dried hand of a hanged convict through a complicated recipe that also included herbs, horse dung, peppers, and salt. The hand would be carefully mummified, and then joined to or turned into a candle using tallow from a hanged corpse. (whether this is from the same corpse is apparently irrelevant). Set alight, the hand is said to have the power to render the occupants of a household insensible, making burglary a simple task.

Pictured below: The Hand of Glory under glass and on exhibit at The California Institute of Abnormalarts, 11334 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91601. When asked about its provenance CIA proprietor Carl Crew would only say it was dated from 1709 and of Scottish origin. Asked how he got it, his pointed reply was “I’m an art dealer, man.” Photo by

Hand Of Glory, under glass, at California Institute of Abnormalarts. Photo by Reviewer Rob,
Hand Of Glory, under glass, at California Institute of Abnormalarts. Photo by Reviewer Rob,
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Halloween at The Merrow


The Merrow Halloween Burlesque Show

A Not-So-Erotic Preview

by Reviewer Rob

The Merrow is a like a hidden secret spot getting fine use as a fine neighborhood watering hole in the part of town it’s in. Tucked back in away from the street behind one of the many restaurant-hookah bars cluttering San Diego city street retail districts, it’s difficult to see if you don’t know where it is but has a great big stage that can accommodate, and often does, touring and local bands as well as the girls of The House of Pink Boombox burlesque squad that delivered another knockout show on Halloween. Plus the place has two pool tables and, as is de rigueur for a San Diego nightclub, a fine selection of gourmet kraft beers!

They’re performing weekly stints across the street at Gossip Girl on Wednesday nights too but Halloween was different and they made it their night at this dark and intimate venue.

Here’s a preview of photos and a story by me what will appear in print in issue 50 later this month.

Photos by me at



























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new venue: Bay City Brewery

[Time open: about a month]

“Sour Brown”

Bay City Brewing Company
3760 Hancock St
Ste A (right on the street)
San Diego, CA 92110
between Kurtz St & Channel Way
Phone number (619) 727-4926

review and amazing signage photo by Reviewer Rob

I stopped in to this new brewery in the Sports Arena area early tonight and the bartender turned me on to a couple of nice tasters of their wares, one being an IPA and the second was a really juicy and satisfying “Sour Brown”. Being an essential beer dummy I asked her, “What makes it so sour?”

“”Bacteria,” she said quietly, “like with sourdough bread.”

This is a nice new big venue pouring local beer here in San Diego, and it’s within walking distance of the arena.

Now it’s not even 11 p.m..and I’m in O.B. where most of the places on Newport except Winston (off Newport) are either closing down at 10:30 (!) or only have about two people in them. What is this, Deadsville on a Sunday night?!

Get it? O.B. — “Deadsville”??? Har har! I kill me sometimes…

Bay City Brewery, near the old SD Sports Arena.
Bay City Brewery, near the old SD Sports Arena.
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dual show reviews: Jose Sinatra, and Faking The Plunge Into Porn

Jose Sinatra, and Faking The Plunge Into Porn

how did it all sink to this?

Jose Sinatra at Ducky Waddles after the show during the start of his first ever Farewell Tour.
Jose Sinatra at Ducky Waddles after the show during the start of his first ever Farewell Tour.

by Bob Yunger

Jose Sinatra, real name Bill Richardson, age 62, began his act in 1982 and had reached local legend status by 1994 when he appeared in “Hitchhiker Joe”, an awful Rugburns video, along with future music scene siren Jewel Kilcher.

The Hose, as he is known, recently ceased smoking and drinking after life-changing heart trouble. He said it was  “22 months ago — and life sucks!” Hose’s humor lies in  highlighting the cheesy lounge entertainer ethos and lampooning the ego-covered schmaltz of a working nightclub personality, one who can’t see how bad he is. The crowd loved it. Then he almost died.

”They went in and burned off things,” he said pointing at his groin area, referring to an emergency treatment two years ago for an irregular heartbeat. “(In the hospital) they asked me, ‘Did you drive here?’ I said yes. They said, ‘We’ll get you an ambulance!’”

At one point during last Summer’s “First Annual Farewell Tour” show at Ducky Waddles’, Hose apologised to the bookstore crowd.

“I’ve lost the ability to expel air all the way from my diaphragm,” Jose said, despairing his lack of stamina and diminished vocal power.

Now that Hose has begun what may be his death spiral the Elvis-comparison and real life irony is thick. It occurred to me that now might be the time to approach him to star in an adult video of light fetish where we have Hose spanking a female porn performer at a paysite I do as a side gig. It could be now or never since he needed to sink to the floor mid-song more than once and use bottled oxygen to get through his multimedia poetry/spoken-word and song set at Ducky Waddles Bookstore in Leucadia.

An entertainer could do worse than dying on stage after 33 years performing. Unless, that is, he dies on a porn set. So I looked for the right moment to pitch him the idea, before and then after the show at Ducky Waddles. Didn’t happen though, because the crowd pressed in hard around him at all times, or the mood wasn’t right. I might try again at the “OB-o-ke” karaoke nights at Winston’s in Ocean Beach where Hose hosts every Sunday. Thank you and goodnight!


Getting that Ass Fix. Video frame grab from
Getting that Ass Fix. Video frame grab from Notice, if you will, how RED the skin of Felicia’s juicy ASS is from being SPANKED. Hose is up to this I think. Story and behind-the-scenes porn set and bookstore appearance photos by For the real thing go to (18 and older only, def NSFW). Ladies looking for extra CA$H or who want the moist and delicate thrill of appearing online with the Hose can email As always, everyone must have proof of age with a valid i.d..