X band — set list

[Photo Story] Music Set List From The Band X Casbah Show, 11-27-15 by Reviewer Rob I have to admit I bought a ticket for this show as a fan. I wanted to cover it for the pages of Reviewer, but I came to enjoy the music, firstly. And like any fan I also wanted to honor the members of the […]

X returns to The Casbah

The legendary band X returns by Reviewer Rob X opens their show at The Casbah, 11-27-15: this was said to be the first time X had appeared on stage since Billy Zoom had been in chemo treatment. They chose the warm and inviting safety of the naugahyde-padding lined stage of The Casbah for their re-emergance. It was a powerful performance […]

The Hand Of Glory

[Occult] The Hand Of Glory at California Institute Of Abnormalarts by Reviewer Rob A Hand of Glory was a tool used by malefactors in the criminal underworld of yesteryear. Think of it like a kind of supernatural roofie used by burglars and other such nefarious bad actors. Taken from the corpse of a hanged man, the hand was dried, pickled […]