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The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah at Hollywood Fringe

FOUR CLOWNS PRODUCTIONS and The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah

by Reviewer Rob

Really glad I went to see these guys on opening night. Reminded me I need to get out from under earbuds, and out from sitting in front of a computer screen for something other than to see a band play. Very interactive play, The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah, about a hapless circus ringmaster and his troupe. You might feel threatened with something falling on you sitting up front. The stage-sweeper clown tried to climb under my feet as I texted pre-show and people finished taking seats. The group puts on a real show too. You feel the energy of their heartfelt albeit hokey story. It’s funny and dramatic and you’ll be rooting for them by the end. Go see them, especially if it’s at another Hollywood Fringe festival. That whole scene looks like it’s an undiscovered box of fun.

See more about lineup and dates at their site:

The Halfwits Last Hurrah, Four Clowns, Hollywood Fringe 2015.

The Halfwits Last Hurrah, Four Clowns, Hollywood Fringe 2015.

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