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The Economics of Legal Weed

Cannabis Will Be Free

testimonial from a formerly underground weed commerce worker

reposted from Amanda Pemberton aka Apneatic
(originally on her Instagram @apneatic)

Yesterday was 4.20 🌬I was given this shirt in 2012 by a vendor when I worked at a dispensary for 3 weeks in Seattle. When Chase and I were making @wmrtwo we ran out of money from our investor during post production and I had to move to Seattle and grow medical marijuana to finish funding our movie. I went and worked at a dispensary to make sure I was completing my first grow cycle properly. This was back when I could sell my hydro flower for $240/oz or $640/qp at farmers markets around Washington state. I got out of it soon after weed was made recreationally legal and the prices growers could get dropped really fast. But we got all the money we needed for our movie so I quit growing and selling it. Then I moved to Portland to study physics 🌈 instant photo of me studying organic chemistry by @tmronin

Art model and physics student Amanda "Apnea" Pemberton in a Weed Maps t-shirt given to her during her cannabis slinging days.
Art model and physics student Amanda “Apnea” Pemberton in a Weed Maps t-shirt given to her during her cannabis slinging days.
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New Year Weed Laws & California Cannabis News


2018 New Year Recreational Cannabis Guide


What’s the difference between cannabis, marijuana, flower and weed?

Nothing! These words are interchangeable, but cannabis is the scientific term. Marijuana, flower, and weed are all used in a variety of conversational situations to refer to cannabis.

Where can I smoke?

Marijuana must be consumed in a private place. Smoking, eating or otherwise using marijuana in public is still illegal.

Is marijuana lab tested?

Testing will be required starting Jan 1, 2018 for any cannabis harvested on/after Jan. 1 or any cannabis product manufactured on/after Jan 1.

I don’t want to get high, but want to use cannabis medicinally, what should I look for?

CBD is a popular option for those looking to get the medical benefits of cannabis without the high. CBD products are available in most cannabis product types, from vape cartridges to topicals.

I don’t want to inhale smoke, but want to enjoy a cannabis high, what should I try?

Vape pens, edibles, drinks and tinctures are a great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without smoking.

Can I walk into a dispensary on Jan. 1, 2018 and buy marijuana?

Yes, if you’re 21 or 18 you can access cannabis recreationally or medically, respectively. Keep in mind, however, that while marijuana is legal for adults in the state of California, local counties and municipalities also have their own set of rules that regulate how retail businesses operate.

Can I still get Medical Cannabis?

Yes, if you’re over the age of 18 physicians may still recommend medical cannabis. Depending upon the condition, people under 18 can obtain a recommendation with their parent or guardian’s permission. California medical patients will need to obtain an ID card issued by the Department of Health.

[The above copy is from
, 1-4-18. ~Editor]

2028: recreational cannabis is here in California.
2028: recreational cannabis is here in California.
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Lev Six The Marijuana Apologist

[Cannabis Reviewer]

Lev Six The Marijuana Apologist Rides the Train To See Doctor Anti-Weed

Lev Six on the train to the marijuana doctor. Well, actually on the way to the anti-marijuana doctor.
On The Ride Over: “This lady passed out drunk on the trolley on my way to the doctor. My only act of compassion is to not film how funny it is. I am with her and six rent-a-cops. She is resisting arrest so hard as I type this. Hahahah.”

Lev, dialog after riding the train to the doctor’s office:

by Lev Six

When I am seeking medical treatment and a neocon starts espousing useless lies to me, I will go off every fucking time! Yes, I have a disorder; I am allergic to idiots. Watch, she is going to refuse to have me as her patient on the next visit and assign me to another doctor. U mad, bro?

Doctor: Do you smoke marijuana?

Me: Yes, it is my medicine.

Doctor [angrily]: It is still illegal.

Me: So is collecting rainwater in some parts of the country.

Doctor [frustrated]: I guess there is no chance I can talk you out of your addiction?

Me: Zero.

Doctor: It can impair the motivational centers in your brain. It will kill all of your motivation eventually…

Me: I spent 2 hours on the bus and trolley to get to your location on the fringes of El Cajon.

Doctor: It can hamper your cognitive abilities. How long have you been smoking?

I was biting my lip and trying not to laugh, I couldn’t believe the bullshit she was feeding me.

Me: 25 years. You’re still trying to talk me out of smoking, by the way, even though I said you can’t.

The doctor began typing, red-faced and angry. She remained silent, whaling away at her keyboard for 2 minutes.

Me: I bet I can type faster than you when I am high.

The doctor kept typing, presumably diagnosing me with some variety of mental disorder.

Me: I can write better than you when I am high, too.

I lost it and started laughing.

Doctor: Okay, next question…

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Cannabis County, California


Ever up Humboldt County way?

Northern Greens’ Price Bubble

by Kent Manthie

If you’re ever up Humboldt County way, say “high” for me. I sure do appreciate those hard-working pot-farmers up there in Humboldt (as well as Mendocino) County, CA, USA, where some of the world’s best marijuana comes from. It’s just too damn bad that it has to be SO damn expensive. I mean – on average, one pays $20 a gram for that stuff – even at the legal medical dispensaries in California.

Of all places – a dispensary that claims to be there to help those who are suffering badly from a range of diseases, including AIDS, cancer, asthma, glaucoma, even anorexia, as it helps the appetite, not to mention myriad other disorders, with which smoking the ganja can help, not just in appetite ways, but also by reducing stress, and as a substitute for the awful scourge of big pharma, who sell life saving meds in America for several times more than in other countries, including Canada, Mexico and in various African countries.

Their propagandists – usually some hot little babe who is spoon-fed info by those who have the brains to know what they’re talking about – say it’s because the stuff in America is so much better because it’s more highly regulated and so forth – well, if that’s true, than why the hell are they shipping sub-par drugs to other countries? Why because it’s good for biz and that’s really what the drug BUSINESS is all about first and foremost – that’s why the call it the “Drug Business” – but marijuana has no harmful side effects, is perfectly safe, has never, ever caused any deaths, has only had positive results (unless you count the lethargy that can come from getting too stoned – when that happens you just need to eat something and have a cup of coffee and then you’re back to normal and can still feel the effects of the weed – if it’s the great, sticky bright green seedless bomb).

So, it’s time to regulate pharmaceuticals much more tightly – at least in other countries – if I were the head of a country where they were shipping in sub-par drugs because it was cheaper, I would demand to be getting the same stuff that Americans get – and if every country in the world did that and refused to pay extortionate prices for them in tandem with US congressional oversight to the same effect, then I think you’d see a change – albeit slight, but change nonetheless. Still, though, pharma drugs of the same type will never take the place of organic, safe pot.

Now, of course, there are great and necessary drugs like antibiotics -which must be taken sparingly – not only when you have a cold – in which case they won’t do a damn thing because colds and flus are VIR– USES and antibiotics only kill BACTERIA – they don’t do a damn thing to stop viruses, so it’s not only a waste of time to take antibiotics for viruses but it will just end up building up, in your body, a resistance to them when you really need them. But luckily, stronger and stronger antibiotics are always being developed. But if stupid people would quit overtaking them right now, then we wouldn’t be creating resistances to them – unfortunately, also, cows are inundated w/antibiotics in order to make them “healthier” – and what does that do?

Well, when they’re slaughtered and we make steaks and hamburgers out of them, the a/b’s are still around and so we’re also ingesting antibiotics when we eat most meat (it’s not only cows but pigs, chickens, sheep, etc), so I’d recommend eating meat that has some proof or sign of not having any antibiotics or any strange growth hormones, etc, which meat eaters inevitably end up eating, see? That is why big pharma is so dangerous and out of control, yet they’re perfectly legal and huge business, whereas harmless marijuana is labeled as a “dangerous drug” – dangerous to whom? To the profits of the pharmaceutical companies and not to any humans or other living organisms!!! So just remember that. Smoke pot and eat drug (pharmaceutical drug)-free meat!