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Lev Six The Marijuana Apologist Rides the Train To See Doctor Anti-Weed

Lev Six on the train to the marijuana doctor. Well, actually on the way to the anti-marijuana doctor.
On The Ride Over: “This lady passed out drunk on the trolley on my way to the doctor. My only act of compassion is to not film how funny it is. I am with her and six rent-a-cops. She is resisting arrest so hard as I type this. Hahahah.”

Lev, dialog after riding the train to the doctor’s office:

by Lev Six

When I am seeking medical treatment and a neocon starts espousing useless lies to me, I will go off every fucking time! Yes, I have a disorder; I am allergic to idiots. Watch, she is going to refuse to have me as her patient on the next visit and assign me to another doctor. U mad, bro?

Doctor: Do you smoke marijuana?

Me: Yes, it is my medicine.

Doctor [angrily]: It is still illegal.

Me: So is collecting rainwater in some parts of the country.

Doctor [frustrated]: I guess there is no chance I can talk you out of your addiction?

Me: Zero.

Doctor: It can impair the motivational centers in your brain. It will kill all of your motivation eventually…

Me: I spent 2 hours on the bus and trolley to get to your location on the fringes of El Cajon.

Doctor: It can hamper your cognitive abilities. How long have you been smoking?

I was biting my lip and trying not to laugh, I couldn’t believe the bullshit she was feeding me.

Me: 25 years. You’re still trying to talk me out of smoking, by the way, even though I said you can’t.

The doctor began typing, red-faced and angry. She remained silent, whaling away at her keyboard for 2 minutes.

Me: I bet I can type faster than you when I am high.

The doctor kept typing, presumably diagnosing me with some variety of mental disorder.

Me: I can write better than you when I am high, too.

I lost it and started laughing.

Doctor: Okay, next question…

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