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Stormy Daniels’ 2007 video interview transcription


Stormy Daniels, in her own words

photos and video by the totally amazing Reviewer Rob

President Donald Trump’s nemesis Stormy Daniels interviewed on video for Reviewer TV behind-the-scenes at a strip club in like 2007, after they hooked up but before she was famous for it.

The one-time paramour of our current Commander-In-Chief was interviewed in 2007 or so by Reviewer Rob. Here’s the transcription we were finally able to wrangle.

Stormy Daniels performing her signature floorwork moves onstage at Deja Vu Midway in San Diego, sometime in August 2007 (approx) the night the Reviewer TV video interview posted below was shot, photos and video by Reviewer Rob.
Stormy Daniels performing her signature floorwork moves onstage at Deja Vu Midway in San Diego, sometime in August 2007 (approx) the night the Reviewer TV video interview posted below was shot, photos and video by Reviewer Rob.

Stormy: And my answer was, “Well if you don’t watch it, how do you know who I am?”

Rob: Yeah, exactly.

Stormy: And, uh, he called me a whore. And I told him, “Excuse me! That’s rich, successful whore.”

[To watch the video scroll to the bottom of the page.]

Stormy: It’s hard when it’s no alcohol, for them to make a lot of noise, but — they were tipping.

Reviewer Rob: Well, there’s going to be Dreamgirls, you gonna go to Dreamgirls and shoot, or?

Stormy: Yeah, I think Friday.

Reviewer Rob: Okay…

Stormy: Or Saturday, I can’t remember what day.

Rob: Good.. Good, That’s one of our, uh, headliner titty bars. They get really liquored up there. You got a gun shop and a Harley dealership right down the street.

Stormy: (Laughs) Great. (laughs) Those are my people though, it’s okay.

Rob: (Laughs)

Rob: So you’re on the Maroon 5 video, huh?

Stormy: Uh huh.

Rob: How did you meet those guys? How did that come about?

Stormy: Um, I went to an audition, and auditioned with like 200 other girls.

Rob: Oh wow, full-on cattle call, huh?

Stormy: And uh, they picked me for a part.

Rob: Yeah?

Stormy: And then I met the guys of course, on set, and they were all really cool and really nice.

Rob: Were they like, ya know, totally in awe of you because you’re an adult film actress?

Stormy: Umm, two of them told me that they were big fans.

Rob: Oh man.

Stormy Daniels: But they were trying to play it cool, they were really nice guys. And I think they all had girlfriends so they were totally respectful.

Rob: Oh okay, so, you weren’t like… you didn’t feel like too creepy around them..

Stormy: No, no, not at all. Not at all. And, uh, the lead singer and I have the same birthday so..

Rob: Really?

Stormy: Yeah but he’s actually a year younger than me, crazy.

Rob: Oh okay, okay.. well that’s not too bad. Um, do you ever…You live in Hollywood right? Or you live in L.A.?

Stormy: Uh huh, I do.

Rob: Do you ever get like freaked out when like fans see you in the local bars or out at the shopping center and their like, “Oh my god, oh my god you’re Stormy Daniels!” And they’re all like freaking out.

Stormy: Um, not really. Uh, fans are usually very very respectful. I haven’t had a bad experience out in public with a fan, um, I’ve only had one person in the whole five years that I’ve been doing, uh, porn come up and tell me that I was going to go to hell and that I should be ashamed of myself.

Rob: No way!

Stormy: And my answer was, “Well if you don’t watch it, how do you know who I am?”

Rob: Yeah, exactly.

Stormy: And, uh, he called me a whore. And I told him, “Excuse me! That’s rich, successful whore.”

Rob: (Laughs) Yeah, right.. (UNINTELLIGBLE LINE)

Stormy: But usually fans are really really cool, and really respectful, and they’re really conscious of the fact that I may be around people who don’t know what I do, and usually they just come over and say, “I really like your work, I’m a big fan.” And then they go about their business.

Rob: Well, I mean, you do get paid to have sex. I mean, and you were on the HBO “Real Sex” video. Or show.

Stormy: Uh huh.

Rob: I mean, that’s a big deal, like that’s a huge huge market. How did you like that, I mean what was that like?

Stormy: It was really cool. That was a LONG time ago.

Rob: Was it?

Stormy: That was like 7 years ago that I was on the real sex, and it was actually before I did porn. And they followed me at, actually a stripper contest that I was doing. And leading, um, from that I met the producers, and that’s how I got on Pornocopia.

Rob: Pornocopia…

Stormy: Pornocopia, is what turned out to be a really huge thing for my career. Because, it actually still airs all the time now.

Rob: Tell our listening viewers what Pornocopia is all about.

Stormy: Uh, Pornocopia was a six-series special just about everything in the adult industry, and they followed me during the filming of “Space Nuts” Which was one of the biggest movies I’ve ever shot up until now. Now my biggest movie is, Operation Desert Stormy, which comes out September 19th.

Rob: And is that porn, or is that mainstream?

Stormy. It’s porn.

Rob: Well, you’re also a cross over actress.. I mean you were in the 40 -year old virgin right?

Stormy: Mhm.

Rob: You were in Knocked Up… And Super Bad, from Sony, uh, pictures.

Stormy: Uh-huh.

Rob: Uh, what was that like? Tell us about your part in the 40-year old virgin. Because everybody is familiar with Steve, uh, what’s his name? Steve, uh..

Stormy: Steve Carell.

Rob: Yeah, Steve Carell, from The Office. Great TV show by the way.

Stormy: Yeah! He’s a very very funny guy. 40-year old virgin was the same thing, I went to a casting call and there was 411 girls, and I got the part… And they liked me so much, uh, in 40-year old virgin that the producers invited me back, without auditioning, for Knocked Up… And after I shot Knocked Up, same thing, I was just sort of “in the gang” so then I ended up shooting, um, DVD extras for Super Bad, and I’m also in their two upcoming movies, The Pineapple Express, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Rob: Oh, wow.

Stormy: So now they just sort of call me, and luckily, since the 40-year old virgin I haven’t actually had to audition again.

Rob: So, is porn going to lose you? Like, are you going to go completely mainstream or something?

Stormy: (laughs) Absolutely not.

Rob: You just love porn, huh?

Stormy: I do, I do a lot of mainstream work, I really enjoy all the mainstream work that I do, I was on, you know, dirt with Courtney Cox, which was ya know huge. Not many porn actresses can say that they were in three number one comedies and that they’ve shared actual screen time with Steve Carell, Will Farrell, Courtney Cox, uh Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd. To actually be in scenes with actors of that caliber is very huge, um but, I’m not gonna to leave porn because I’m not that pretentious to think like, “Oh, now I’m a mainstream actress.” Because let’s face it, I’m not Meryl Streep.

Rob: Awwww…

Stormy: And I enjoy what I’m doing, And I can’t imagine turning my back on an industry that’s been so good to me for so long.

Rob: Were you able to actual meet Steve Carell, and uh, Will Ferell, and Courtney Cox?

Stormy: Uh-huh.

Rob: Did you hang out and bro-down with them, did you have drinks, at like, ya know, the Viper room, or what? I mean how did you..?

Stormy: Yeah, yeah I’ve hung over with them, and..

Rob: Really?!

Stormy: And I’d have to say out of all the celebrities that have ever met, Courtney Cox is one of the most genuine, down to earth people that I have ever met, I’ve you know… She invited into her home for dinner, things like that.

Rob: Oh, wow! That’s a big deal.

Stormy: Her and her husband, David Arquette, were very very gracious and very nice. And, uh..

Rob: Really? You had dinner with them at their house huh? Pretty cool.

Stormy: They were very very loving, and ya know.

Rob: That’s good!

Rob: Well, uh, do you have any, like, tips for aspiring actresses, in porn or not, that want to go to cattle calls and auditions and stuff? How do you ace these auditions. I mean..?

Stormy: Um..

Rob: I mean obviously you’re talented and stuff.

Stormy: Auditions are hard. You have to do something to set yourself apart from all the other girls. Um, and just looking beautiful isn’t… Isn’t enough. Like, you have to be really outgoing, not afraid to um… say something silly. I was pretty sure that I had blew the audition for the Maroon 5 video, um..

Rob: Why? What happened?

Stormy: Um, I accidentally insulted the band and started a fight. So… (laughs)

Rob: You started a fight with what? You actually you got in a fight, or?

Stormy: Another girl..

Rob: She got in a fight or…?

Stormy: Yeah.. with another girl, who said something rude to me. And instead of sitting there and just taking it like anyone else would do, because they are thinking they have to be on their best behavior, because it’s audition.. I spoke up and told her to.. “Shut the F up.” And, um..

Rob: Okay, so it wasn’t like you were clawing, and beating, and pulling hair or anything. It was just like…

Stormy: No. No.

Rob: (UNINTELLIGBLE) It was like an overlay, and getting back up and stuff.. Okay.)

Stormy: Right, right. And I think if you know, personality is what sells it, because they want to see that you’re not gonna be stiff on camera.

Rob: Well you seem very na- I mean you seem very comfortable right now, with the interview, and then on stage stuff, you’ve got a very good persona and you seem natural in a lot of other ways too… (Points camera at breasts) I mean, you’re totally natural right?

Stormy: No!

Rob: No?? Huh?

Stormy: (laughs) No! they’re not real.

Rob: No kidding, okay?

Stormy: But they’re really mine, and I have the receipt!

Rob: Okay, there ya go! I mean, they’re paid for, so they’re definetely yours.

Rob: Um, and you’ve been with, uh, you’ve been a Penthouse Pet right?

Stormy: uh-huh.

Rob: You’ve got the key. Around your neck.

Stormy: I got my penthouse key. I’m going for pet of the year this year so everybody remember to vote for me, for penthouse pet of the year.

Rob: Vote early, vote often.

Stormy: Vote A LOT! Because I want it.

Rob: (laughs)

Stormy: Because then I get to trade this one in (holds up key necklace) for a diamond one.

Rob: Awesome.

Stormy: And, um, I think i need it.

Rob: Would look good on you.

Stormy: And I have..Penthouse pet, Hustler cover girl, um, And i’ve been with Wicked Pictures for five years. Everythings going great.

Rob: Awesome. How do you like working at De Ja Vu tonight? Tonights the 15th of August, they’re having their, uh, 15 year anniversary.. So you’re they’re showline.. they’re.. Headline girl…

Stormy: Yeah! Good stuff.

Rob: Headline Showgirl.

Stormy: Um…

(Girls wooping in the backround, camera moves to club monitors.)

Rob: What’s going on here…

Stormy: (smiles) Apparently they really like each other..

Stormy: It’s pretty cool, I’ve been sitting back here um, watching the spy monitors all night.

Rob: Yeah! They’ve got spy monitors back here, we can like, check out what’s going on all over the place.

Stormy: I know, I wanna find… I wanna see the ones from the girls dressing room.

Rob: Well that’s what we’re looking at. But, oh no, no, wait… That’s the front door, okay..

Stormy: But, no, it’s really cool to be here at DejaVu, they’ve been good to me throughout the years, i’ve done several DeJavu and Hustler clubs, and uh, i’m pretty excited it’s my first time to perform down here in San Diego, and I’ve been getting tons and tons of e-mails for the last two weeks from all the fans saying they were gonna come out, and see me, so i’m very excited.

Rob: So, is San Diego is a small town compared to Hollywood? Is this your first time here? Have you ever been down like, hanging out on the beach?

Stormy: Oh, no, no, no. This is not a small town. (laughs) This is not a small town.

Rob: Well, thank you.

Stormy: Um, small towns are, ya know, the places that I go to beside truck stops in West Virginia. Those are small towns!

Rob: (laughs)

Stormy: And, you know, believe it or not, I actually make a lot of money in places like that.

Rob: Do you like those people?? I mean, is that a cool place to go??

Stormy: Those people are some of my favorites! Because, um, here in California they’re used to seeing blondes with big boobs, especially in L.A. they’re used to seeing porn stars, the guys are a little jaded. Um, it takes a lot to impress them. But, you go to a small town, ya know, um, in the middle of nowhere, in Iowa, or West Virginia, or Louisiana, and they’re just so excited and thankful that someone came to their town that they’re extremely nice and generous, and they hoop and holler and have a great time, just because they’re so excited. They’re not “too cool”.

Rob: Yeah, well I mean, you kind of come across as an authentic small town girl, are you from a small town?

Stormy: I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Rob: Where is that?

Stormy: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Rob: Ohhh, okay, well see there ya go, you know that whole psychology of people that are not like trying to be, uh, big media stars, they’re not like working for their next media role and stuff, in a movie and stuff, and you can idenitify.

Stormy: They’re just there to have a good time, and i’m here to show them a good time, so it works out perfectly.

Rob: And you do that, you do that so well.

Rob: Alright well, thank you for the interview, Stormy.

Stormy: Thank you!

Rob: It was nice to meet you.. and thank you for the photos.

uh oh.. Is that our interviewer?

Stormy: Yeah..

Rob. Who is that?

She’s gonna be bummed out that she missed an interview..

Stormy: Yeah, I gotta go on stage now..

Rob: Oh, do you really? Ok… Could we get a little video clip of you on stage, dancing??!

Stormy: Uh-huh.

Rob: Awesome!

Stormy: Alright, thank you!

Rob. You’re an awesome girl, thank you!

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Stormy Daniels, Apex Predator


Or, Why The Stormy Daniels / David Dennison Saga Really Matters: She May Do What All Those 2016 G.O.P. Candidates Could Not…

by Bob Yunger

Stormy Daniels sure is good at what she does. She only had to have sex with him one time, and after she got her hooks into him she never let go. What a pro! You’ve gotta admire her for the dedicated professional she is: only fucks Donald Trump ONE TIME in a hotel room and now, like a chump, TWELVE YEARS LATER HE’S STILL PAYING FOR IT! Ha. Ha ha. Nice work, Stormy Daniels, niiiiiiice werrrrrk.

With all the criticism the adult entertainment industry has to put up with on a regular basis, it’s really amazing. Today it’s still the ultimate tenderloin district for law enforcement due to the fact that so many of the people in it are young and naive and have something to hide. The ones who survive and carry on for a number of years have to develop real skills to deal with the constant parade of nonsense.

Stormy Daniels reportedly began her career in the stripper business at the age of 17 in her native city of Baton Rouge. So by the time she met Donald Trump she had been working the traps for ten years, AND she was starring in porn films by then. She was a veteran who had seen it all. She’d heard it all too, from every pathetic loser with an “I’ll make you a star” story and walked into the club thinking he’d find a dumb blonde to suck his dick on the false hope that he’d be The One to save her and whisk her away from this life.

Well Stormy liked her chosen life and she saw right through this rich guy’s bullshit I’LL PUT YOU ON MY TV SHOW lies. When he backed out as expected that was okay. She had a fallback plan, one that would turn her personal Donald Trump experience into a payout for her. No amount of shaming would turn her back, because, as they said about her in print, ‘shame isn’t especially useful to a porn star’.

So finally Donald Trump, after a career as a philandering shark, one ripping off contractors and investors left and right with his fast talking salesman spiel, it may be a woman who takes him down after all. A woman who is just as ruthless and without pity as he is. A true top-of-the-food-chain apex predator.


Below is a younger pre-breast augmentation Stormy Daniels. While her boobs may not be big here the same can’t be said about her pupils. lol

Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.
Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.
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Donald’s Mischief Defender

Melania on AC360

by Reviewer Rob

No one’s really defended Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape, unless you count his girlfriend Rudy Giuliani, until Melania stepped forward yesterday on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

It was painful to watch but elicited a lot of sympathy for the statuesque penthousewife. What else could she do? Her whole future is tied to the Donald.

They’re all lies, she told Anderson, as the reporter nodded in acknowledgement and looked away from her. She said she “never knew” the PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff who accused Donald of hitting on her. This same writer came to the Trump’s wedding and interviewed Donald at their Mar-A-Lago estate and she said The Donald tried his moves on her while Melania was out of the room. Later on after she quit writing about Don the Dooshbag and says she saw “Melania on Fifth Avenue, in front of Trump Tower as she walked into the building, carrying baby Barron” where Melania asked about her and why they hadn’t seen her around lately. Melania denies any of that happened and insinuates that she would’t ever be bothered with even knowing this peasant. So she’s a liar and the story needs to be pulled by PEOPLE Magazine. Her lawyer sent a letter saying so.

She asked that people shouldn’t feel sorry for her, but that’s not easy. Some things money can not easily compensate. But Melania makes an attractive surrogate for the Republican front runner. She’s the picture of a devoted wife defending her embattled spouse, and it’s hard to not want to believe her when she says she has faith in her husband, that she knows his accusers are liars, even as her eyes dart away from those of her interviewer as she says this.

Anderson Cooper held back noticeably too. It didn’t seem appropriate for Cooper to bring up the plagiarized speech Melania used with words originally spoken by First Lady Michelle, or about Melania’s website being redirected to after it was reported that it had falsely claimed for more than 10 years that she had a degree in architecture and design from the University of Ljubljana.

But now of course we can believe Melania when she looks to the left and tells Anderson Cooper without any momentary eye contact that those women are lying and she believes her husband.

To cap off the interview I think she even said that she’s seen women come right up to Donald right in front of her and give him their number and say they want to “work” for him, as she squints her eyes at Anderson knowingly as if to say she’s fully aware of what they mean by “work” for her husband. Isn’t she admitting that as far as she’s concerned being a female and working for Donald Trump is a defacto sexual arrangement? It sure looked that way.

I really felt sorry for Melania at that point in the interview. The natural reaction is to want to believe a devoted wife who steps up to defend her man.

She’s tough and beautiful, but she’s to be pitied. At least she came out of her period of sequestering. The last we’ve heard of her before yesterday’s appearance on CNN was wit the ruckus over the DailyMail UK’s September 2 retraction of a story from August about allegations that the Slovenian model agency she worked for in Milan was ‘something like a gentleman’s club’ for wealthy clients to hook up with high priced models.

Melania Trump and Anderson Cooper on AC360, 10-17-16.
Melania Trump and Anderson Cooper on AC360, 10-17-16.
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Trump’s Racist Street Slang

San Diego’s Brush With Trump University

by Reviewer Rob

So, I attended a Trump University seminar in early 2007 at an upscale San Diego Mission Valley hotel in San Diego. The big advertising buzz that at the time was that you’d “Learn from the Master”, Mister Donald Trump.

Now keep in mind, nine or ten years ago Trump’s hair was much less thin and he was still riding the wave of television prime-time fame of The Apprentice and had yet to be associated with the Obama-hating “birther movement”. At the time I listed him on Myspace as someone that I admired for being a self-made success. I was also naive enough to think that Trump might be at the seminar — that’s how the hype read — if not to teach a class at least to help sell the course to the real estate developer hopefuls crowding the auditorium.

Out of respect I came dressed well in a three button jacket and a white dress shirt, and upon entering the room to find a seat was immediately shadowed by a tall, grey haired old gentleman who bird-dogged me with small talky questions about what I did for a living and other inquiries designed to determine my socio-economic status. The dude even sat next to me and kept prying in-between speakers. From the moment he showed up I had him made as either a member of Trump’s sales team or some freelance scammer looking for an easy mark.

I told him I really just came there to find out more about this new Trump school, get the free book they were offering (a paperback reprint of the 1980’s bestseller The Art Of The Deal was offered as a gift to lure seminar attendees, if I remember correctly) and hopefully meet Donald Trump. He laughed like the others did who told me, “Mister Trump has more important things to do” than attend this seminar in San Diego.

‘Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do,’ I thought. If Trump University wanted this hefty tuition The Donald could make a personal appearance himself for it.

Anyways, I stuck around till the end of their multimedia sales pitch and when they funneled everyone in a slowly moving cluster line out the back like the remnants of last night’s buffet the tables that were stacked with the mini pulp versions of The Art Of The Deal awaited. But there was a catch: you had to get through the sales reps’ predatory wrangle face to face before walking out with your free copy. When my turn came at the table I was honest with well dressed goon standing there, a man in his mid-forties or so with a slightly graying goatee, short salt and pepper hair and large muscles under a sport shirt that looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym lifting heavy weight earning.

Unpretentiously I told him I came for the free book they advertising for attendees. The stacks were on the far side of the table, out of reach unless you reached way over. He didn’t say anything for a while and glared at me angrily. We went back and forth like this and although it was uncomfortable I was as polite as possible and tried to laugh off the momentary threat vibe, but he looked off to the exit and I could sense he wanted to have me thrown out rather than give me a book.

I left with the book, which I still have somewhere. I tried reading it and it sucked, a ghostwritten example of 1980’s self-help dribble. Trump was born into wealth, not self made. His words rang hollow.

Recently, in the days before the final Republican Primary in early June, Trump’s rap spun around the Mexican-American identity of the federal judge presiding over his Trump University fraud case. The Donald thinks Judge Gonzalo Curiel should be recused, eliminating himself from the case because of his ‘Mexican’ ethnicity. “We’re building a wall. He’s a Mexican,” Trump has said to Jake Tapper on CNN.

Colloquially, he’s right. Unfortunately from a sociological street-level standpoint, just like if a person looks negro they’re referred to as African-American. In California as well as much of the USA if you look strikingly Hispanic people will say you’re “Mexican”. This is nothing new and it’s even more so when a person identifies himself as being of Mexican heritage, as Judge Curiel has done. Same thing if you’re Asian, Arab, or a descendant of people from the Indian subcontinent. When it comes up in conversation that’s how they’re described. All this is not in Trump’s defense. Despite formerly professing admiration my opinion today is he’s a dirt bag and a con artist. Trump University was not a university at all but a bait-and-switch scam that ripped off vulnerable people with worthless tuition whom Trump knew were hoping to make money off the housing bubble. I’m just saying, racial identity is always a separate thing from citizenship UNLESS you’re white. This judge can still weigh the case fairly. Many of Roosevelt’s highest ranking officers were of German descent in World War Two, including Eisenhower. No one questioned their loyalty. And if Trump wanted to have his fraud case tried in a court without an Hispanic jurist he could have been more careful to avoid Southern California.

Conning his way to his best deal.
Conning his way to his best deal.
Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
A paperback copy of Trump's famous mid-1980's bestseller was given away at the seminar. It's really why I went. That, and the prospect of meeting the big dude himself were my reasons to attend.
A paperback copy of Trump’s famous mid-1980’s bestseller was given away at the seminar. It’s really why I went. That, and the prospect of meeting the big dude himself were my reasons to attend.
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Donald Trump Has Been Bought Already

What The Donald Says

Of course he doesn’t need special interests’ money,
because he is the special interest.

by Reviewer Rob

Watching the Republican hopefulls’ debate/reality show on FOX last night was a laff riot. But the comedy began long before that.

Hearing Donald Trump say he doesn’t need lobbyist money in this clip reminds me of when The Terminator pushed to recall Gray Davis and ran for Governor of California. Schwarzenegger said the same thing, that he couldn’t be bought. But that didn’t really mean anything. The wealthy class didn’t need to buy him because he was ONE OF THEM, and when he got in office he set about reducing taxes on the rich and doing all the things the lobbyists would have paid him to do, to the detriment of the infrastructure of the state.

Trump is lobbyist's money!
Trump is lobbyist’s money! Click this image for full screen. It’s HUGE!