Stormy’s friends in Vegas

Siouxsie Q & her daddy video interview by Reviewer Rob [Verbatim] Author, adult performer, and podcaster, Siouxsie Q is an industry associate and friend of the famous Stormy Daniels. Reviewer Rob spoke to Siouxsie Q and her daddy at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last January and here’s what they said as news of Stormy’s torrid one-time lust […]

Stripclubs & Rock History

[Beginnings] Her First Guitar The lead singer of Hole, Courtney Love, started out dancing for her music. From the Instagram of Mary’s Club, Portland, Oregon: Inscription on card: “I boght my first guitar showing my teeny little titties here. Y’all were very nice to me. ❤ thanx Courtney Love”

Stormy Daniels’ 2007 video interview transcription

[Verbatim] Stormy Daniels, in her own words photos and video by the totally amazing Reviewer Rob President Donald Trump’s nemesis Stormy Daniels interviewed on video for Reviewer TV behind-the-scenes at a strip club in like 2007, after they hooked up but before she was famous for it. The one-time paramour of our current Commander-In-Chief was interviewed in 2007 or so […]

There’s got to be other important things out there, right?

[Review] The Era Of ONLY TRUMP What are they keeping from us with this parade of shame? It’s “Trump this” and “Trump that” all day long on lazy CNN and MSNBC. Let the Mueller investigation take its course and cover other important stuff too! Because meanwhile the wealth gap between the one percent and everyone else continues to soar, housing […]