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Coronavirus Lockdown Timeline, early April, 2020

[American Carnage]

Shutdown Report

A sought-after N95 dust mask.
A sought-after N95 dust mask. Photo: 2020

From Violet Magdalena Platt:

Current affairs. I’m just gonna put this out there and hope that people respond logically (burn these fuckers to the ground):

-Mortgage and debt and tax companies are still collecting
-SBA was given billions of dollars for small businesses and isn’t distributing it
-Unemployment is really behind
….once again mortgage and debt companies are still expecting their money??

-Most people are out of work
-The government is rolling out 5g while people are not around
-1.5 trillion was injected into the stock market OVERNIGHT when the rich people needed it

-There has been NO MORATORIUM on utility collection. So when this is over and nobody has had income for months, the full amount will be due or piling up, furthering Americans being in permanent debt slavery.

-Trump is probably going to be president again
-The citizens who get no debt relief are making masks for health systems that rake in millions of dollars per year (the CEOs are taking it). They have plenty of money to get their own masks. Or pay you to do it.

-Where is the $1200 stimulus money by the way? Not that it is sufficient at all and it’s basically just going from the bankers (government) right back to the bankers (debt owners)

Society has failed.


We want your on the pandemic shutdown. ~Editor

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Stormy Daniels, Apex Predator


Or, Why The Stormy Daniels / David Dennison Saga Really Matters: She May Do What All Those 2016 G.O.P. Candidates Could Not…

by Bob Yunger

Stormy Daniels sure is good at what she does. She only had to have sex with him one time, and after she got her hooks into him she never let go. What a pro! You’ve gotta admire her for the dedicated professional she is: only fucks Donald Trump ONE TIME in a hotel room and now, like a chump, TWELVE YEARS LATER HE’S STILL PAYING FOR IT! Ha. Ha ha. Nice work, Stormy Daniels, niiiiiiice werrrrrk.

With all the criticism the adult entertainment industry has to put up with on a regular basis, it’s really amazing. Today it’s still the ultimate tenderloin district for law enforcement due to the fact that so many of the people in it are young and naive and have something to hide. The ones who survive and carry on for a number of years have to develop real skills to deal with the constant parade of nonsense.

Stormy Daniels reportedly began her career in the stripper business at the age of 17 in her native city of Baton Rouge. So by the time she met Donald Trump she had been working the traps for ten years, AND she was starring in porn films by then. She was a veteran who had seen it all. She’d heard it all too, from every pathetic loser with an “I’ll make you a star” story and walked into the club thinking he’d find a dumb blonde to suck his dick on the false hope that he’d be The One to save her and whisk her away from this life.

Well Stormy liked her chosen life and she saw right through this rich guy’s bullshit I’LL PUT YOU ON MY TV SHOW lies. When he backed out as expected that was okay. She had a fallback plan, one that would turn her personal Donald Trump experience into a payout for her. No amount of shaming would turn her back, because, as they said about her in print, ‘shame isn’t especially useful to a porn star’.

So finally Donald Trump, after a career as a philandering shark, one ripping off contractors and investors left and right with his fast talking salesman spiel, it may be a woman who takes him down after all. A woman who is just as ruthless and without pity as he is. A true top-of-the-food-chain apex predator.


Below is a younger pre-breast augmentation Stormy Daniels. While her boobs may not be big here the same can’t be said about her pupils. lol

Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.
Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.