Before “Net Neutrality”

finding my old business card in a collectible book I’m selling

by Reviewer Rob

I’m selling my otherwise in fine condition marked and annotated copy of DANCING NAKED IN THE MIND FIELD (a signed first edition) by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis that Pantheon sent to me for review back in 1998, two years after printing Reviewer Magazine’s first issue, and found one of my old business cards still set into a page. It’s in mint condition. 20 years sure flew by didn’t it, Rip Van Winkle. This was from back when things like “net neutrality” were an unknown concept no one had to worry about. Making phone calls, writing letters and post cards with postage stamps on them, and distributing business cards face-to-face were about the only ways to network and drumming up new business.

The old but pristine "tipped-in" Reviewer Magazine card.
The old but pristine “tipped-in” Reviewer Magazine card.

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