Queen Of England’s Speech

[History] Following The Links An Image of the Present, Illustrating the Past by Reviewer Rob An interesting pic from the official website for Number 10 Downing Street is posted below. It just amazes me when I see it because in it there’s so many images of tradition that has been existing there, in London, in an unbroken line for so […]

Garrido’s Aggressive Stalking on Google Maps?

Jaycee Lee Dugard: did Phillip Garrido trail a Google Street View camera van? From telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/jaycee-lee-dugard/6120878/Jaycee-Lee-Dugard-did-Phillip-Garrido-trail-a-Google-Street-View-camera-van.html Phillip Garrido, the man charged with the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard, may have followed a Google Street View van after noticing it photographing his street, it has been claimed. [Editor’s Note: It’s true and pretty damn creeeee-peeeeeeee. I went to Google Maps last night […]

modern blackface

Devine’s Jug Band Review by J. Darren Lee Serving up a nice piece of Southern Americana pie, Devine’s Jug Band brings the listener back to the heyday of Southern jug/blues music that was prevalent in the 1920s, and 30s when bands such as The Memphis Jug Band played wherever they could find a place to sit down and play. Hailing […]

Detroit’s New “Artist” District

Got $100? Welcome to your new Detroit home from CNN.com Story Highlights: * Detroit artists buy a trashed, abandoned house for $100, fix it up * Other artists have bought cheap houses in the same neighborhood * The Power House was the first home, meant to power the other houses nearby By Ashley Fantz (CNN) — If an e-mail popped […]