John Cox and Friends

[Nocturnal Animals] 35mm to digital: On Mission Boulevard Scene As Best Remembered by Reviewer Rob John Cox was a tall and burly clubgoer in the early 1990’s that briefly started a night called Club Mayhem in like early 1990 with some of his group of buddies from Mission Beach/PB. “Big John,” as he was known among his followers, was a […]

DJ Kelly Lynch’s Tape Release Party in 1995

[House Music] 35mm Digitized Put The Needle On The Record by Reviewer Rob Here’s a gallery of some black and white photos from 1995, I believe. At least that’s what the sheet of negatives was marked as, some date in 1995, and “Kelly Lynch tape release party at Sharkey’s”. Kelly Lynch was a San Diego nightclub DJ in the late-1980’s […]

No Full-Frame Negs

[Outer Limits] Going Large by Reviewer Rob I’m kind of hitting a brick wall here with these digital conversions. It’s been over 15 years since I left film gear behind and took up digital photography as a primary medium, and unlike some photogs I never looked back. So I’m realizing now that I was an habitual full-frame photographer. That being, […]

History For Sale

[4 Sale] Western Indian metate grinding stones by Reviewer Rob I’m selling the two metates I’ve had for a while now. I need the storage space freed up and I simply can’t carry them around with all this moving anymore. They’re solid granite and heavy. The one on the right came from San Diego County out in Sorrento Valley. A […]