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cd review: KNOW GOD, NO PEACE by Three Sixes

KNOW GOD, NO PEACE creative packaging.
KNOW GOD, NO PEACE creative packaging.
[Metal Review]

by Three Sixes

15 songs, with a secret unlisted hidden track #33. Highly packaged cd sleeve with a full color printed lyrics sheet. []

reviewed by Reviewer Rob

Lot’s of ultra aggressive, fast, crunching and grinding death-metal here. Shrieking guitars, thumping machinegun drums, hoarse/growling vocals and sound effects that include sirens (?) mingle with soul destroying anti-gosh lyrics. Damian has been at this for a long time. I began getting emails from him over ten years ago and started reviewing his stuff out of sunny Orange County back then so he is no dilettante to the dark side of the O.C. music scene. We talked before about stripper-types and nude models in the Huntington Beach area and I got the impression he could be like a part-time titty bar doorman/bouncer or something, but maybe that was just his menacing metal vibe coming out over the phone. Actually I didn’t ask so I have no idea what he does for a day job, or even if he has one. This style of music took a long time to get down, I’m certain, so he might have all the time in the world to perfect his evil kraft. Studiousness in the dark side shows in this highly polished and well-oiled machine of a CD. True metalheads, you won’t be disappointed here. One can feel the scary light show and explosions of fire on stage as it plays. There’s a dtuiful AC/DC cover here too, done in dragged-out screamy precision in track 10’s “Thunderstruck”. The CD came packaged in a large anti-bible mock-up, reinforcing the recurring message in these lyrics that religion is a myth. Yep, Damian sure looks like he believes what he preaches. The tracks don’t let up in their intensity; they’re like an invading army attacking, until track 15’s “Know God, No Peace” where Damien screams the final rebellious lyrics of “I won’t obey!”

You get the idea? It’s take-no-prisoners and all hardcore here.

After the final listed track, long after it’s finished, is a secret track, listed on my Windows Media Player as number 33 where the vocals (of Damien, I assume) intone words about how the universal key to happiness is “strength, truth, and independence…” and go on with a philosophical monologue about the nature of independence and how it is dependent on the self, while drums pound and sonic voices moan over it in the background, fading out with the words “in silence” repeated at very long intervals.

This is actually a very danceable track. Watch for it to be played at your local industrial/goth club, with a smoke machine thickly shrouding the floor…

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cd review: “Yoshimi” by The Adversary

""Yoshimi" cover track cd, by The Adversary.
“”Yoshimi” cover track cd, by The Adversary.

The Adversary, featuring Jenny Electrik

(1-track disc, 4:03 minutes)

reviewed by Reviewer Rob

A rather ordinary single track cover cd of “Yoshimi” by The Adversary. The disc sleeve doesn’t credit the Flaming Lips and leaves out the Pink Robots. From what I was told the artist was trying to plan a Burning Man style monthly party up in the Bay Area in Oakland. Wondering if that’ll have any originality to it or be a prosaic ripoff as well. Sounds like it was made in a bedroom. RR

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How To Have Amazing Hair, by Jessica Feigner

[Beauty & Fashion]

“… one must become familiar with the structure of the hair follicle.”

a year-round beauty primer

hair-fashion-by-jessicaby Jessica Feigner

As the owner of a large beauty service company, Event Makeup in San Diego, I have had some experience with hair but I have learned the majority of what I know through trial and error just like everyone else! In my early 20’s I bleached my hair twice a month and never properly took care of it, once it was severely damaged, it was then I had to take action. I have compiled my most useful tips that have saved my hair and allows my hair to shine even as I continue to bleach my hair! To begin, one must understand what they’re dealing with; specifically, what is going on when one develops dry, rough hair. That is, we must acknowledge that hair is naturally strong because it is made up of multiple strings of protein. Unfortunately, most of our daily styling and hair care habits weaken our hair, which causes otherwise healthy hair to appear weak and damaged. In this article I will give my favorite hair tips and hair tips that explain how one can avoid damage and maximize their potential shine.

First, one must become familiar with the structure of the hair follicle. The follicle is composed of two main parts: the outer layer, called the cuticle, which consists of overlapping scales that protect the inner layer; and second, the, cortex, which determines the color of the hair and whether it’s straight or curly. The cortex is responsible for strength, thickness, and flexibility of the follicle. For example, if hair becomes damaged, the scales of the cuticle stand out and often break, exposing the cortex, which most often causes one’s hair to look and feel dry. The cortex—the inner layer—is comprised of a string of proteins that gives hair strength and elasticity. This is what determines whether one’s hair returns to its normal shape when stretched or damaged. If you would like shinier hair or help with damaged hair, follow these 8 tips to ensure that you always have red carpet ready locks!

1) Hair Tips for Hair HEALTH!
Hair Tips on Eating: Protein, fresh fruits, and dark green vegetables all lead to shiny hair. Veggies contribute much needed iron and vitamin E, while fish protein has omega-3 and omega-6, two fatty acids that make hair shiny.

Hair Tips on H2O: Water benefits your body in many ways, including the health of your hair. Dehydration causes dry, coarse, and brittle hair. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel and the better your hair will look. So take a water to go!

2) Hair Tips for WASHING
Shopping Hair Tips: There are many products on the market such as shampoos, conditioners and leave in products that are specially formulated to give the appearance of shiny hair. Find a shampoo and conditioner suited for your hair type. Usually a light shampoo and a deep conditioner that has extra moisturizing properties are best for getting the most shine. Hair Tips for in the Shower: While washing with shampoo only apply to the roots of your hair and scalp, and let it cleanse the rest of your hair as it rinses out. Only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair, as the roots don’t need it. Make sure to rinse off the products thoroughly because even the best of shine-enhancing shampoos and conditioners will leave your hair looking dull. Before washing your hair, you want to wet the hair with warm water to ensure lifted cuticles in order to remove dirt and product build-up. Then shampoo, and rinse with warm water again. Apply the conditioner and leave it on as long as possible so your hair can absorb it. Not only will this prevent frizzing, it will also make your hair more manageable and shiny. The lifted cuticles enable the deep conditioning products to penetrate the hair shaft. Next is the cooling effect which is my personal favorite hair care tip. For hair that’s extra shiny, turn the temperature down on your shower once you’ve rinsed out the conditioner, and blast your hair with the coldest water you can handle. Cold water closes the hair shaft and leaves the cuticle smooth and flat, which will prevent your hair from frizzing up. You will notice a difference! This is one of my very favorite hair tips! Don’t Shampoo Everyday: This may or may not be something that you can do but if you are able to tolerate shampooing every other day, it is a great way to let the natural oils in your scalp coat the hair shaft a bit. The natural oils will make for healthier and shinier hair.

Deep Conditioning: Once a week, treat your hair to a special moisturizing treatment. A hot oil treatment (best for fine hair) or deep conditioning treatment (for thicker hair) is a great way to infuse your hair with moisture, strengthen the cuticle, and prevent frizzy hair. For seriously damaged hair, you may want to leave the treatment on overnight. You can also put on a shower cap over the conditioned hair to allow the cuticles to stay warm and open to absorb the moisture as much as possible.

3) Hair Tips for AFTER SHOWER CARE
Blot With A Towel: After your shower, don’t dry your hair by rubbing and twisting it up into a towel. It will only aggravate the cuticle (yes, it really is ALL about the cuticles) and make frizz worse. Instead, gently squeeze out the water and blot your hair with a towel.

Hair Tips for Leave In’s: When your hair is still damp, apply an anti-frizz cream or serum to the bottom half of it. These kinds of products lock in the moisture and also help seal up the cuticle, which will help to fend off the frizz. OR, after gently towel-drying your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner. This will lock in moisture and smooth down the strands, while also adding weight that discourages your hair from frizzing up. Find what works best for you!

4) Hair Tips for STYLING
Blow Drying: Use your hair dryer 15cm from your head, at the lowest heat setting if possible. Heated styling tools are never a good solution to frizzy hair, but if you really need to blow dry it, always use a heat-protective spray to avoid heat damage. And when you’re drying the hair, angle the nozzle downwards along the strands this will smooth down the cuticle instead of making it stand up (and get frizzy!). Finally, finish with the dryer on the cool setting to close up the cuticle.

Heat Protectant: Styling with heat can leave your hair dehydrated and lacking in shine. To protect your hair while straightening, blow-drying, or curling, use a heat protection styler. This will save your locks from drying out as you style it and will leave it feeling and looking fabulous.

Harsh Chemicals: Avoid styling products that contain alcohol (hair spray is one of the most common offenders). Alcohol swells up the hair cuticle, which leaves it wide open for frizzing up. Shiny hair is healthy hair, so don’t abuse it! Limit your hair’s exposure to harsh chemicals, like the chlorine in pools, and lye-based hair-relaxing creams. If you insist on using certain chemicals (like I insist on bleaching my hair) make sure that a good deep conditioner apart of your hair care regimen.

Hair Tips for Straightening: A flatiron can help straighten hair, which usually looks shinier than wavy hair. But avoid overusing a flatiron because all that heat-styling can be very damaging! With silicone straighteners there is silicone built into the plates rather than the typical ceramic or metal. The heated silicone glides right over the hair and straightens it in one pass; I’ve found that silicone cuts the straightening time in half, which means less damage. And as always use a heat protectant whenever styling with heat.

5) Hair Tips for BRUSHING
Hair Tips for Combing: If you comb out your hair, use a wide toothed comb and start at the bottom and work your way up. Starting at the top can cause breakage and serious damage. Many people with curly hair only finger comb their hair, but if you do use a shower comb, be careful how you use it. Brushing your hair causes the cuticles to break more, which then creates to those frizzy strands. To detangle your hair safely, comb through it in the shower when it still has conditioner on it.

Brush for shine: A boar bristled brush is the actual hair of a boar (hog). Boar bristles are considered ideal because they close the cuticle layer and create shiny hair. Because boar bristles tend to be weak, manufacturers usually mix them with nylon bristles. The purpose of a boar bristle brush is not to detangle hair. In fact, these brushes should never be used on knotty hair. Boar bristle brushes are designed to clean, polish and condition hair. The fibrous bristles attract dust and dirt, brushing them out of the hair. If you remember Marsha Brady brushing her hair 100 strokes per day, it was with this type of brush.

Hair Tips For Vegans: There are a number of vegan alternatives to boar bristle brushes available on the market, from wooden-bristled brushes to versions with synthetic bristles, closely-packed to simulate the effect of boar bristles.

6) Hair Tips: SALON Maintenance
Get Regular Hair Trims: Getting those regular hair trims helps to get rid of split ends and when you do not have split ends, your hair looks and feels healthier, plus it has a smoother appearance which means shinier hair.

Get A Glossing Treatment: If you really want to get your shine on, consider having a professional glossing treatment done. These are often performed after a hair-coloring treatment, but you can get one without the dye job. Glossing treatments are necessary, lasting about four to six shampoos. There are also glossing kits available at some drugstores, so you can even try it out without going to the salon.

7) Hair Tips for SWIMMING
A chlorinated pool (or salty ocean water) can cause our hair to become dry and brittle which of course causes breakage. Here are some tips to keep your locks safe.

1. Rinsing your hair with tap water before getting in the pool fills your hair up with tap water so that it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorinated pool water. Never shampoo before you get in the pool. Shampoo does the opposite of water and strips your hair of its natural oils and other buildup that can act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine.

2. Use a swim cap to protect your hair. Use one that fits your head just right and doesn’t pull out hair when taken off. Try using a silicone cap.

3. Use a leave-in conditioner before you put your swimming cap on because it will help protect your hair against chlorine damage.

4. After you swim, rinse your hair with tap water again. It’s best to wear a hat if you plan to stay in the sun after you exit the pool.

5. Make sure to shampoo your hair after you’re done swimming for the day. You want to use a shampoo that gets rid of chlorine and mineral build up. If your shampoo contains Phytic Acid or EDTA it will provide thorough enough cleansing. If your regular shampoo doesn’t contain Phytic Acid or EDTA, you can use something like ULTRASWIM Replenishing Shampoo which contains humectants, moisturizers, Vitamin E and Aloe to nourish & condition hair while it gently removes chlorine and chlorine odor. It also helps remove copper deposits and other oxidized metals that can cause lighter colored hair to take on a greenish cast. It can be used after every swim, even if your hair is chemically treated, colored, permed or relaxed.

6. Continue to follow your usual shampoo and conditioning routine. You need to condition your hair every time you shampoo it, even if you swim every day.

7. When you style your hair it would be best to avoid direct or high heat. Limit your use of heat with a blow dryer but if you must use a diffuser attachment or a bonnet dryer on use a low setting.

8) Hair Tips for BED
Moisturize: Make sure that your hair is properly conditioned. Just like your skin, your hair needs moisture to stay elastic and beautiful. That doesn’t mean you need to condition your hair before bed, but conditioning the hair shaft an inch from the scalp to the tip will ensure your hair is protected throughout the day and through the night. Conditioned hair is less likely to break, frizz, and become damaged.

Brush: Gently brushing is an important step to protecting your hair as you fall asleep. Detangling your hair before your head hits the pillow ensures that when you wake up, minimal knots and damage will have occurred.

Style It: Yes, a cute hair do can help protect your hair at night! The best way to protect long hair from split ends and other damage is to tie your hair back. A loose, comfortable bun on the top of your head or two pigtails are ideal. These both limit the amount of hair that can get caught between your back and pillow which causes tangling and breakage.

One of my Favorite Hair Tips! Sleep Luxuriously: Sleep on satin or silk. Sleeping on a rough pillowcase can cause damage over time. A satin or silk pillowcase will make sure that your hair glides across your pillow at night, instead of catching and tangling on a cotton pillow case.

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