downtown swastika details

Soon-To-Be-Rehabbed San Diego noticing details in design by Reviewer Rob Look closely at the photo at the bottom of this page. It’s of the base of a Downtown San Diego street lamp in front of the federal courthouse building, next to Horton Plaza. Can you find the rolling swastikas, Waldo? Most likely this example of fancy art deco public safety […]

“Too bad for little ghetto boy” and Martin Shkreli’s future as a social pariah

Why shouldn’t Shkreli smirk? In his position, I’d be smirking, too. I’d probably be laughing in Congress’ collective face. In fact, if I were in his shoes, here’s what I’d tell them: “You know what–my business practices may be immoral. Yeah, my pricing could mean that a rich person gets my medicine and a little boy living in the ghetto […]

the gorgeous Riley Reynolds amid AEE 2016 Vegas carnality

[Hot Women] new talent: Riley Reynolds Some of the erotic beauty on parade in Vegas at the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo was unbelievably outstanding Photo and video by Reviewer Rob “Milling around on the last day at the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo, at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, meeting the girls in the big round dome show room, 1-23-16. […]

audio: interview with LaVoy Finnicum

[Sound File] Constitutional Issues and the rights of the people to use the land LaVoy Finnicum was the spokesman for the militia standoff up until late last month when he was shot dead at a roadblock where he and several other militia members were to be arrested for illegally holding a national wildlife refuge shelter in eastern Oregon. Reviewer Magazine […]