Coffeshop Distroing

[35mm archive] Jumped Out of Her Pants and Shoes Before large corporate coffeeshop chains totally took over global control and the Covid pandemic wiped out our desire to go out and be where people were there used to be a lively social scene in neighborhood corner caffeine joints. This shot is from early 2005 I think, in a San Diego […]

The Nihilist ad images

[35mm Archive] Apartment Glam Photos from an Instagram post of a North Park apartment shoot, back-in-thr-day, from which I used a photo in an ad in Revolt In Style promoting The Nihilist, a one-off newsprint edition I published documenting the nightclub scene locally that was paid for mostly by adverting from Deja Vu Showgirls. She wasn’t a dancer but the […]

North Park Preggy Model

After Dick’s Last Resort 35mm conversions: print scan North Park Nude disrobing: here’s a batch of 4 original run Sav-On color prints scanned from a photo session in 1999* or so, The Matrix was in the theaters at the time so this girl and her boyfriend (the father of her kid?) were enthusiastically suggesting to me that I see it. […]

No Full-Frame Negs

[Outer Limits] Going Large by Reviewer Rob I’m kind of hitting a brick wall here with these digital conversions. It’s been over 15 years since I left film gear behind and took up digital photography as a primary medium, and unlike some photogs I never looked back. So I’m realizing now that I was an habitual full-frame photographer. That being, […]