The Nihilist ad images

[35mm Archive] Apartment Glam Photos from an Instagram post of a North Park apartment shoot, back-in-thr-day, from which I used a photo in an ad in Revolt In Style promoting The Nihilist, a one-off newsprint edition I published documenting the nightclub scene locally that was paid for mostly by adverting from Deja Vu Showgirls. She wasn’t a dancer but the […]

North Park Preggy Model

After Dick’s Last Resort 35mm conversions: print scan North Park Nude disrobing: here’s a batch of 4 original run Sav-On color prints scanned from a photo session in 1999* or so, The Matrix was in the theaters at the time so this girl and her boyfriend (the father of her kid?) were enthusiastically suggesting to me that I see it. […]

No Full-Frame Negs

[Outer Limits] Going Large by Reviewer Rob I’m kind of hitting a brick wall here with these digital conversions. It’s been over 15 years since I left film gear behind and took up digital photography as a primary medium, and unlike some photogs I never looked back. So I’m realizing now that I was an habitual full-frame photographer. That being, […]

Kelli Instagram Safe

[Art Photography] Private-party censorship of the arts. by Reviewer Rob Nudes in art are a time-honored tradition, except for on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t do it there. Here’s some monochromed images from 35mm color negatives I shot on Kodak film, 400 speed I believe, over 30 years ago. We were driving around looking for private and discrete places to shoot […]