Art Model Lilly Raine Preps For A Shoot

Transcript of a performance artist,
or, when we introduced a fetish performance artist to you.

by Reviewer Rob

In this 2012 video interview transcript we’ve got Lilly Raine when she was a new fetish model talent. She wants to show me some of her previous work and is on my laptop at my kichhen table scanning a website that’s based in Tampa, Florida. Click HERE for the full clip or scroll down below for the video embed. You can see uncensored versions at ReviewerX.com. ~Reviewer Rob, Editor

Lilly: Hi. [turns and smiles]

Rob: And she’s a fetish model, she’s logging on to a website where she’s done fetish modeling and she’s got some experience doing that.

Lilly: I just moved here into San Diego about 8 months ago, but before I moved to San Diego I was in Florida — Tampa, Florida, where I did mostly fetish type modeling, bondage– stuff like that, but I haven’t recently done anything like that, I’m kinda starting to get back into it– and right now I’m logging onto this website for this guy that I used to work for over in Tampa– [Looks at laptop screen while navigating a fetish site she was on]

Rob: We’ll keep the camera turned on you so we don’t give somebody too much free publicity while we’re– [laughs]

Lilly: Yeah. I hope I’m still on here because honestly it’s been about a year since I’ve worked with him so–

Rob: Wow, he’s got a lot of girls.

Lilly: He’s got a lot of girls, yep.

Rob: So you would get paid a flat rate and then he would sell them through a broker website?

Lilly: It wasn’t a flat rate it was more like depending on what I did, that was the hourly rate. So like if I was to do–

Rob: Yeah, tell us what you did.

Lilly: Well yeah, like I did like fetish– so like every week, for instance, guys would e-mail– email– his name was Tony. People would e-mail him and they would let him know what they wanted to see that week and from which girl. So the more that I worked with him, the more guys I got e-mailing him about me, saying, “Hey I wanna see Lilly Raine–” Which was the name that I went by back then- “I wanna see Lilly Raine sneeze.”

Rob: Sneeze?

Lilly: Yeah like, there’s like an incredible amount of like fetishes that these guys are into. You know sneezing– Um like the–

Rob: Crushing food with your bare feet?

Lilly: Yep, crushing, they’re called crush videos I think or like stomp videos or something– Um obviously the foot fetish type stuff, um walking into the door and tripping and falling and saying, “Oww I hurt my ankle.” You know what I mean?

Rob: Oh really? [laughs]

Lilly: Damsel in distress type stuff. Yeah like, getting tied up, things like that. Um I’m trying to find– [looking at computer screen]

Rob: You seem like maybe some of it was kind of weird–

Lilly: Some it was kind of weird. [laughs]

Rob: I mean was there any that you kind of thought, “This is cool, I like this.”

Lilly: Yeah, yeah.

Rob: Some of it you liked? Well, what did you like?

Lilly: I honestly, I liked the smoking videos because there was a lot of guys that really liked– that were really turned on by like girls smoking a cigarette.

Rob: Yeah, you didn’t mind smoking, you’re a smoker.

Lilly: I do smoke, so I– it was just like look into the camera and– [imitates holding a cigarette and makes sexy smoke blowing face]
You know what I mean– give like a real sexy like kinda thing like that, and it was really a lot of fun for me.

Rob: How long would the clips be, how long would an average video be?

Lilly: [pulling hair behind shoulders] Um, about 4 to 6 minutes.

Rob: Okay.

Lilly: And per clip, um– what we would do is it would probably be an hour– usually my entire shoot was about 4 hours long, and during those 4 hours we would usually do about 2 hours of fetish clips, two hours of bondage clips. So we would do like, one 6 minute sneezing clip, one six-minute– you know, stubbed toe clip, one 6 minute smoking clip– and you know what I mean we would just kind of like fill up the hour that way. And I would then in return get paid for um– depending on what it is or depending on what he was getting paid for the clip usually I got paid anywhere between 50 and 150 hour. And it wasn’t even really about the money I thought it was fun because honestly some of the stuff I had to do it wasn’t even– it was just natural things like a lot of people are just really interested in–

Rob: A pretty girl doing normal things.

Lilly: Exactly, just the girl next door doing just natural things, um, you know– shaving her legs or smoking a cigarette, or painting your toenails.

Rob: Did you ever shave your armpits?

Lilly: I never did that.[Rob laughs] I never shaved my armpits. [smiling] Um, there was a girl who– I never actually had to throw up, but there was a girl who could like throw up on cue–

Rob: Oh, wow.

Lilly: And there was a guy that really liked to watch her throw up. [laughing lightly]

Rob: Ewww!

Lilly: So she would then get paid to throw up, on camera.

Rob: And the sneezing– the stubbing your toe, it sounds like it would be kind of repetitive, I mean did you have to do it for 6 minutes straight and like rev up another sneeze?

Lilly: It was kind of like– well no I mean, um, some of it was real but most of it was faking because I could just fake a really good sneeze. [laughs] Like I could just be like– [slowly covers mouth with hand and squeezes eyes tight amd fakes a heavy sneeze] “Achoo!”

Rob: [laughs heartily] That’s pretty good!

[Lilly then covers mouth and acts out a series of fake sneezes for the camera]

Lilly: Do you know what I mean? [smiling] And they’d like to see and then you know sometimes they would like to see me kind of go like this [pushes breasts together to show cleavage while fake sneezing]

Rob: Nice, nice. That’s funny.

Lilly: It was just like– it was fun.

Rob: I guess that’s why they call them fetishes you know, they’re kind of hard to explain.

Lilly: They are hard to explain but at the same time, you know– it was a good time that I had back then. I’m trying to find um– [looking at computer] there used to be a search engine on here where you could just search for one of the models but I can’t find it.

Rob: So what are you gonna do for us today? We’re gonna do some photos we’re gonna do some videos, we’re gonna do a little bit of toenail painting some shaving– just basic fetish stuff and just kind of explore the whole imagery here with Angie our new model.

Lilly: Yes, so– I don’t know I guess we’re going to be painting toenails, we got some nice sexy high heels here today.

Rob: Yeah, got a great deal on those.

Lilly: Yes, two dollars! [laughs]

Rob: Two dollar high heels, huh? They look vintage or something.

Lilly: And um, yeah I guess that’s it so we’re gonna get started and um, stay tuned, we’ll see what’s to come. Bye! [camera turn away and clip ends]

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