Flat Top Mountain from Thirtieth Street

[Telephoto Pro]

Afteroon Light

by Telephoto.pro

Here’s some pics with a view of flat top mountain as seen through yesterday’s haze. I use lowercase on “flat top mountain” because I’m unsure if that’s its name. It’s just what I’ve usually called it. I’d parked the Reviewervan up the hill on 30th Street yesterday afternoon to sit in the drivers seat as I ate a salad from Trader Joe’s and enjoy the view. I liked the light, so I deployed my 600mm for a few shots from the window of the van. The images of flat top mountain with the hill of Tijuana in the mid foreground are heavily photoshopped to bring out the contrast and make the mountain more visible due to the atmosphere. But the shots of the corner below me are pretty much as they were recorded. I really love telephoto. #longlenses #nikon #tamron #telephotopro #sandiego #kstreet #30thstreet #sunnyafternoon

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