Analog Photo Restoration

[Archive] 35mm To Digital Conversions by Reviewer Rob I’m kind of really getting into this 35mm film digitizing now. There’s so many sheets of negatives that I’ve stored away, and now I don’t need to pay a photo enlarging store in orderto see the images. So many stories to tell… so many stories! Haha!

Surfboard Limbo

[Surf Or Die] Where Surf Kulture Goes To Die Reviewer Rob I went to the Coconut Peet’s surfboard warehouse before they closed Saturday afternoon and checked out the racks for a short and wide 6-foot squash that could fit against the wall behind the drivers seat of the Safari. I’ve seen a new shape being popularized that resembles a bar […]

SOLD: Time, Dec. 20 1999, The Columbine Tapes

[Rare Books] Remembering Columbine by Reviewer Rob I sold a like-new copy of Time Magazine among my used / rare books this week. It was the Columbine Tapes issue from December 20, 1999. It went to a buyer in New Jersey who paid $70 for it plus tax and shipping. With all the news of gun violence in America — […]

Art Model Lilly Raine [2012]

[ReviewerTV] Art Model Lilly Raine Preps For A Shoot Transcript of a performance artist, or, when we introduced a fetish performance artist to you. by Reviewer Rob In this 2012 video interview transcript we’ve got Lilly Raine when she was a new fetish model talent. She wants to show me some of her previous work and is on my laptop […]