Megan Pagoda video interview

Here’s a video interview with Megan Pagoda, a San Diego performance artist affiliated with the local Burningman community. This interview was shot months and months ago in her downtown San Diego art space she shared with several other artists. Megan is currently based out of downtown Los Angeles. I like this video because she has such an interesting pixie look […]

Stormy flash back

I interviewed Stormy Daniels in a strip club three years ago, not long after her big mainstream Hollywood debut in The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) and although I’m not digging the way I sound, I’ll repost it here because I’m re-doing a lot of videos in Flash and reposting them to the website. I was a bit buzzed and […]


Art Nudes/Female Figure Studies Beauty & the Art Of The Nude I’m going to be posting more nudes, well, “art photos” and “female figure studies,” as they’re sometimes called. There’s eventually going to be password-protected galleries for paying members. That’s the plan. 🙂 I’ve officially started with one of this fine model pictured, and posted it on our index page […]

Thursday Threesome

Jessica Delfino’s News Roundup Today (slash yesterday) in the news, Katy Perry is on every music blog in the world for having dissed her ex high school crush Shane Lopes in front of an audience. Somebody get me her publicist. I wrote a song about this years ago. It’s called Boner For Me. Google it. Furthermore, politicians have forced Craigslist […]