Flat Top Mountain from Thirtieth Street

[Telephoto Pro] Afteroon Light by Telephoto.pro Here’s some pics with a view of flat top mountain as seen through yesterday’s haze. I use lowercase on “flat top mountain” because I’m unsure if that’s its name. It’s just what I’ve usually called it. I’d parked the Reviewervan up the hill on 30th Street yesterday afternoon to sit in the drivers seat […]

Fanboy on 91X FM

the pandemic and the emergence of the growler: craft beer take out.

If there is anything good about this pandemic shut down of 2020 it’s this: to-go craft beer take out.

Big City Tattoo Tap Tattooing Polynesian Skin Art Interview

[Lifestyle] Tap Tattooing at Big City Tattoo: Polynesian Skin Art Interview The Legend, Sua Suluape Angela Video interview by Reviewer Rob Six years ago, in 2014, Reviewer TV visited Angela at Big City Tattoo (San Diego and possibly California’s finest female tattoo artist/shopkeeper) and she described the proper technique for applying the ancient Polynesian skin art. Watch and be amazed! […]