Fanboy on 91X FM

FANBOY Director Ben Johnson talks making movies on no budget.

by Reviewer Rob

Fanboy, the movie I had a small role in, will be premiering at the South Bay Drive In next month, and tonight at 7:30 Benjamin Johnson, its writer and director/producer, as well as lead starring role guy, will be talking about it on 91X ( I think the weekly radio show is usually about local music and this time the soundtrack to Fanboy will be getting lots of attention. The bands in the movie are the unsung hero stars as they don’t get any real screen time except for Xenos which is the band the movie’s about. But the tracks of many other San Diego noise bands are heard including the Hot Snakes, Valderrama, Manuok, Montana Quintet, Tourettes Lauren, Black Heart Procession, Hostile Combover, Grammatical B, Grand Marceny, Hexa, Milky Wayne McCoy, Mister Tube & The Flying Objects, Marsupials, Scary Pierre, The Long & Short Of It, Miniaturized, The Havenauts, Big Business, Death Eyes, Crime Desire, Tulsa Luna… I really hope I got the names right and no one was left out! Seriously a great soundtrack and the movie was sound engineered locally by Demetrius Antuña. Actually this indy guerilla movie project was totally a local San Diego project and, as far as I know, it was Ben Johnson’s first moviemaker effort with zero formal training at screenwriting or film making. It’s amazing to wrap the mind around, honestly, that this psycho suspense adventure in high camp was pulled off. Tune in, in a half hour, and listen at 91X.

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