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Politifashion: the Pussy Grabbing Dress, by Dame Darcy.


Presidential Art
Dame Darcy looks on the bright side

With less than three weeks to the swearing in of the new president, below is a panel from cartoonist Dame Darcy (Fantagraphics Press) that describes the artist’s hopefulness that the apprehension regarding Donald Trump’s inauguration will at least provide a bright side with a new fashion movement. ~Editor

Reviewer TV: Art For Bernie

[Reviewer TV]

True Delorenzo Does Art For The Bernie Sanders’ Campaign
photolog 5-22-16: Thumbprint Gallery

video interview and photos by Reviewer Rob

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True Delorenzo and His tribute to Bernie ala’ Roy Lichtenstein.

Outside Thumbprint Gallery 5-22-16 for the Bernie Sanders’ art benefit.

dvd review: Klitschko from director Sebastian Dehnhardt


documentary, director Sebastian Dehnhardt, 2011, with Wladimir & Vitali Klitschko, Lennox Lewis, Emmanuel Steward, Shannon Briggs, Larry Merchant, in English, from Corinth Films, 111 minutes

by Bob Yunger

If one wants to better understand the tumultuous world of Ukrainian politics and by association Russian society in general one might want to find this 2011 documentary about the […]

The World According To Lev Six: Snowden Charged


Espionage Charges Filed Against The Booz Allen Hamilton Traitor


The Other Shoe Drops For Edward Snowden

By Lev Six

Fuck yeah, America! We need to devour taxpayer resources to punish this asshole! The citizenry is in control. Yeah, really. True story. Snowden exposed illegal spying and now he is being charged with spying. If you don’t understand the […]