The World According To Lev Six: Snowden Charged


Espionage Charges Filed Against The Booz Allen Hamilton Traitor

The Other Shoe Drops For Edward Snowden

By Lev Six

Fuck yeah, America! We need to devour taxpayer resources to punish this asshole! The citizenry is in control. Yeah, really. True story. Snowden exposed illegal spying and now he is being charged with spying. If you don’t understand the reality we’re living in yet, you’re utterly blind. Those of us who are willing to sacrifice our lives, whether figuratively or literally, understand the courage it takes to face down the flaws of the world’s last superpower. I hope he escapes. If not, we are Legion. Get on board or fuck off.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Reflected on this post is Lev’s comments regarding the recent developments in the Edward Snowden/Booz Allen Hamilton domestic spying scandal that has rocked Obama’s Administration, from his personal Facebook page. It was accompanied by THIS LINK on CNN’s website.]

Edward Snowden's recognizable image displayed on a Hong Kong street.
Edward Snowden’s recognizable image displayed on a Hong Kong street.

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