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Pappy & Harriet’s, July 2015

Two Cellphone Videos From Pioneertown’s Epic ‘Burrito-Biker Bar’

by Reviewer Rob

Pioneertwon, California, is a unique place. Founded in 1946 by Hollywood actors like Roy Rogers and Tom Mix and intended to be a working film set that recreates an authentic 1880’s Western frontier town, it has a community that has built up around it of citizens that are arty creative types and who call it home 365 days a year. There’s also a nice music venue called Pappy & Harriet’s you can’t forget to visit if you’re ever in this rustic corner of the high desert.

Here’s a couple of quick handheld cellphone videos I shot when I went there for the first time last month.

Juli Crockett of the Evangenitals talks to Reviewer TV about how she inspired an Academy Award Winning motion picture script:


The Sunday Band with Jason Corbin on guitar:

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new music: True Violet ep review


True Violet

more than just another girl band

True Violet (self-titled EP) girl band music from show at C.I.A. in Burbank,
Poppy but hard too, the band is like their name: regally attractive. The lead singer Jesse is a crack band leader. When she first took the stage at C.I.A. in Burbank she was barking instructions across the room to the sound guy to get things right while also choreographing the other three girls. The timing of her band members’ return to the stage after they left briefly for her semi-solo song “Mommy I’m Sorry” was so well-synced I was nearly distracted from how she almost had several of us in the crowd crying with moist eyes. The band had the crowd and everyone in the bar buzzing and people pressed up close to the stage for them. Watch this band for some good things to come. ~RR

True Violet, the self-titled EP.
True Violet, the self-titled EP.