North Park 1998, photo of a photo

In the late 1990’s when I lived in North Park there was a live music venue near the corner of 30th and El Cajon about three clocks away from my apartment. I don’t recall its name, but it was where The Belching Beaver is now.

Here’s a picture of a dusty color print I have of a photo I shot of Hollywood punk rocker Texas Terri Liard after her show there one night with her band Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones. She’d recently put out a CD in 1998 and I think this was shortly after that, when she was touring in support of its release. Somewhere in the Reviewer Magazine archives is the negative, but it’s no telling when I’ll come upon it.

After her scream-o show that night I made my way up to the stage and talked to her briefly. She was all sweaty and distracted after her set, but I wanted to get her photo with my mini Nikon Lite Touch 35mm pocket “spy” camera (that I always had on me, slyly). She was topless, like usual, and her fake boobs looked good with those little black electrical tape strips on her nipples. But she was always topless when performing. It was sort of what Texas Terri was famous for. So I wanted something different.

She was already in her early 40’s by then and she’d usually take her shirt off in performance. Lean and in nice shape, she had a great looking butt in those shiny pants. I wanted to see it. I think just I asked her directly if I could get a photo of her ass. So here it is.

It was punk rock night, alright.

I’m not posting the unblurred photo here but it’s on the Patreon.

Texas Terri, North Park,1998 or so, blurred (unblurred on Patreon)
Texas Terri, North Park,1998 or so, blurred (unblurred on Patreon)

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