Photoshop Beta “Remove” Tool

first effort Pre-and-post using the new Remove Tool that Photoshop Bata has recently added. Taking out spots and dust artefacts is so much faster with it in this 35mm black and white to digital conversion. The censorship swath was put in after the edits for Instagram safety. Original black and white negative from 1989 shot in the Del Mar Avenue […]

Texas Terri live, 1998 or so

She was topless, like usual, and her fake boobs looked good with those little black electrical tape strips on her nipples. But she was always topless when performing. It was sort of what Texas Terri was famous for. So I wanted something different.

New Year Resolutions

[Fresh Beginnings] Plans For 2023 I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions, party because speaking about plans can be like allowing them to be jinxed. Yeah I know that’s superstitious. I never had to quit smoking or begin a weight loss campaign. I’ve also never wanted to start something that’s historically been doomed for failure according to popular thought […]

Issue 1 cover, Stephanie

[Archive] Cover Model Here’s the cover image of Reviewer Magazine #1, summer of 1996, premier issue, with Stephanie on the cover. I was planning on posting it in the previous entry but guess I didn’t just save it as a draft and tapped enter before I got around to it. AGFA black and white 25 speed film, a specialty German […]