New Year Resolutions

[Fresh Beginnings] Plans For 2023 I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions, party because speaking about plans can be like allowing them to be jinxed. Yeah I know that’s superstitious. I never had to quit smoking or begin a weight loss campaign. I’ve also never wanted to start something that’s historically been doomed for failure according to popular thought […]

Issue 1 cover, Stephanie

[Archive] Cover Model Here’s the cover image of Reviewer Magazine #1, summer of 1996, premier issue, with Stephanie on the cover. I was planning on posting it in the previous entry but guess I didn’t just save it as a draft and tapped enter before I got around to it. AGFA black and white 25 speed film, a specialty German […]

Colorization Process

[Digitalizing] Playing With Photoshop’s New Feature 35mm analog digitization process progression Here’s a black and white and colorized version of a photo from 1989 I shot at Rio’s nightclub in Point Loma. It was shot early in the night on a weekday evening where I used to go out every single night and drink and shoot at various clubs and […]

Analog: sculpture

[Future installation] “Pieces” 35mm color film photo from a December 2005 shoot with an art model who was also a sculptor. Film-to-digital conversion from a Nikon NEF image.