Finally – a funny AND intelligent book worth reading

Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked and Spewed A Novel by Lance Carbuncle (Self-published, ©2007) Reviewed by Kent Manthie For those of you who’ve been keeping up on the world of hip, urbane and witty “underground” novels and the people who write them, you are right, I am going backwards: I reviewed Lance Carbuncle’s latest, most recent novel, Grundish and Askew […]


Art Nudes/Female Figure Studies Beauty & the Art Of The Nude I’m going to be posting more nudes, well, “art photos” and “female figure studies,” as they’re sometimes called. There’s eventually going to be password-protected galleries for paying members. That’s the plan. 🙂 I’ve officially started with one of this fine model pictured, and posted it on our index page […]

new books: HEART OF DARKNESS as a graphic novel

“Method? What method?” from By Sam Jones In the 108 years since it was published, Joseph Conrad’s colonial fable Heart of Darkness has infected TS Eliot, been excoriated for racism by Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe and transplanted to Vietnam by Francis Ford Coppola. Now the book has been reinterpreted as a graphic novel in whose monochrome pages Conrad’s exploration […]