Update: Guatemala, by Tim McSheep

[Expatriate Americans] Update: Guatemala, Central America by Tim “Sheepy” McSheep Feeling great! Fighting crime and defending my community! Yesterday I turned in announcements and restraining orders again two gringo business owners in San Pedro La Laguna from the Minesterio Publico (Guatemala’s highest court) to the NPC in San Pedro. The two business owners, Mike Knights, former MI-5 from England, owner […]

Undercover At A Donald Trump Rally In North Carolina

DO NOT JUST SCROLL PAST THIS PICTURE WITHOUT READING THIS POST FIRST. THANK YOU.   by Jordan Ray Correll (from his Facebook) So, if you know me or my friend, Seth Quackenboss, then you know that we often get ourselves into ridiculously wacky situations, especially when we’re together. Yesterday was one of those days. We decided to drive down to Fayetteville […]