Update: Guatemala, by Tim McSheep

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Update: Guatemala, Central America

by Tim “Sheepy” McSheep

Feeling great! Fighting crime and defending my community!

Yesterday I turned in announcements and restraining orders again two gringo business owners in San Pedro La Laguna from the Minesterio Publico (Guatemala’s highest court) to the NPC in San Pedro.

The two business owners, Mike Knights, former MI-5 from England, owner of Hotel Fe, and Paul Conner, from Ireland, owner of the Paul Gaff steak house. And because of that at least thirty people slept better last night as the word is out that no matter how much money you have; violence and intimidation will no longer be tolerated.

At the moment Mike is already in hot water as he beat a 54 year old Mayan man near to death less than three weeks ago and Paul Conner is limping around town I hear as he picked a fight with the wrong Mayan.

(A little over a month ago Paul Conner threw me down two flights of stairs in front of Hotel Fe and cracked me in the face with a bottle, I restrained him until a security guard pulled him off, I DID NOT respond with violence… I only lost about a pint of blood from my face and that resulted in Mike kicking me out of his bar for disturbing the guests, I guess I was hard to look at… After that walking away I saw Mike and Paul doing shots together to celebrate. This is disgusting and the effects of alcoholism, excessive cocaine use and an inflated ego due to monetary resources.)

Years of violence and intimidation by gringos who think they can be third world gangsters is coming to an end. And my community will be able to heal and sleep well again. No more will these men be able to cause violence against women, tourists, business owners and Mayans from my favorite town.

Don’t let anyone tread on you or your family.

Your voice is loud let it be heard!

Peace and intelligence > violence and anger


Tim says he gets his do-gooder inspiration from him mom, Andrea, who is a Domocratic polititian in Maine. Here she is in some recent news footage:

Below are some photos of the legal papers and “evidence” from his current adventure:





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