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Issue 47 Out Soon, Workers …

Reviewer Magazine, Winter issue, ’13-’14, comes out next week.

New hope for neighborhood pollination.

Lev Six You should call (855) 588-2337 and rescue those beauties. Guerilla Beekeepers

Reviewer Rob They friends of yours???

Lev Six Have I ever met a member of their organization in the flesh? No. They […]

Japanese Contemporary Artist – SHINICHI SUGIMOTO

By Anjela Piccard

Visiting Artist SHINICHI SUGIMOTO “City of Gravity”


One of the oldest and most famous metropolises in Japan, Kyoto, undoubtedly inspires the work of artist Shinichi Sugimoto. This international exhibition titled “City of Gravity” transcends its literal translation, “movement of energy”, and guides us toward a fragmented and dystopic urban chaos.

This series of paintings questions […]

Lovely, Raw and Wicked Licks



Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit

Saustex Media

Review by Kent Manthie

Austin, TX’s Saustex Media has proudly just released the newest from South Texas legends, Hickoids, a band whose history goes way back to 1984. Their original “run” went from ’84 to 1991. It was in those heady days before technology and robots took over things, when there was […]


“KPBS San Diego: Listen to public television viewers like us and air the documentary Citizen Koch!”

[Email Petition]

A Personal Message From MoveOn About Citizen Koch


(This was issued to me, Reviewer Rob)

I’m Reece Castellano, and I live not far from you. I started a petition on urging our local public television station, KPBS 15, to […]

Rumba Rush

Lili Anel

I Can See Bliss From Here

Wall-I Records

Review by Kent Manthie


A new album’s worth of music is out now from Lili Anel, entitled I Can See Bliss From Here, a really smooth, jazz-based sound; one from which one can hear ‘bliss’.

On this new CD, Lili’s collaborated with Dale Melton on about 90% of the songs, […]