Reviewer’s Beer Zine

Reviewer Covers Craft Beer Lomaland, from Modern Tiimes by Reviewer Rob I was at Modern Times Brewery today, trying out a taster of Lomaland, their new canned release on tap. Their marketing says it “smells like hay, pepper and fresh sunshine.” It was named, it says, after the “brilliantly crazy utopian community that was the first settlement built in Point […]

Marijuana Mnemonics

[The Secret Grower] Cannabis Reviewer Learing out to tell your weed the easy way by There’s this confusion some people have, a kind of cannabis dyslexia, perhaps, about what kind of weed is the type that will mellow you out and which will hype you up. Is Sativa the mellow out pot or is Indica what to smoke when […]

Music Review: Magic Carpet Circus

[New Music] Of Montreal: Lousy With Sylvanbriar From Polyvinyl Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie Kevin Barnes’s traveling circus, aka Of Montreal are back. This time with new, mellow toxic gold (my italics) encased in the new CD, Lousy With Sylvanbriar. The tunes are smooth, groovy, laid back, a slight change from the whimsical wildness of Skeletal Lamping, or Hissing […]