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Return To The Hive

Issue 47 Out Soon, Workers …

Reviewer Magazine, Winter issue, ’13-’14, comes out next week.

New hope for neighborhood pollination.
New hope for neighborhood pollination.

Lev Six You should call (855) 588-2337 and rescue those beauties. Guerilla Beekeepers

Reviewer Rob They friends of yours???

Lev Six Have I ever met a member of their organization in the flesh? No. They rescue hives just as other groups save dogs. It can’t hurt to call.

Reviewer Rob I might do that. There are other companies I have screened for this before, all who advertise openly. Thing is some of them actually just destroy the hive for the fee rather than relocate it. So you have to be careful.

Lev Six That would never happen, they are volunteers interested in saving bees. Check out their site.

Reviewer Rob That’s good. I was under the impression that killing honeybees was illegal in California but this guy I called off of Google just smugly told me he kills them. I was traumatized.

Reviewer Rob Their facebook page says they’re in Santa Ana. That would be a long drive for a young hive.

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